2002-07-03 08:23:59 ET

no thankz.

i said no thankz.

blah ok then.

just make it and give me heartburn so i can barly walk the rest of the day.

while you're at it make me fat.


why do mothers intend on feeding their children unbearable food.

well then again any food is unbearable. if i even drink water n bread sometimes i get mad reflux.

i should just not eat anymore.

i always wanted to live of supplements.

i think i will order out and go on my shard n shots diet.


2002-07-02 13:11:31 ET


oh my whut a crazed busee weekend.

i would try to go play by play.

but i cannot remeber it all and just am too lazy. but i know that it would make some very intersting reading.

for once. hahaha i finally have a shitload if things tosay in here and i am just too lazy.

perhaps i will fill in later.

but i just had a amazing workout and must shower for i stink.

*plugs nose*

2002-06-30 14:48:50 ET

oh my.

i am sooo sick of losing my voice.

every single fukken night i go out.

now i am at home and i need to look for a ride out to the party.

yet i cannot speak. bah!

any suggestions?

2002-06-29 08:28:39 ET

oh how good it is to be candian on canada day.

the molson canadian beach party starts today and ends on monday.

i got a call last night from the "people" and they informed me that i will be arriving in style by limo...and that i would recieve vip passes when i arrived.

hahahaha moive star staus in the YUKON how exciting.

my friend josh is coming down today/tonight from dawson city he is on his way to cali.

so i shall wait for him all day then pick him up and head out there.

i am sooo supah excited. altho i wish joel and his band could come. i think he is a bit pissed off at me for not going to his party last night. but i was in a foul mood and just took some unisom n drank nyquil n crashed.

i needed some sleep aids to kill the excitement i recieved just before hitting up my pillow. how can one sleep after news like that.

anyways my muzzah is taking me out for some shooping. i think i might get a mosquito net for my head.

hahaha. will update further a bit later.

2002-06-27 19:16:19 ET


*pullz out hair*

aram is a fukker.....his girlfriend had to work tonight and we made all these plans to go out and meet up with our friend tyler, cuz he is leaving back for alberta tomoorw.

and i got all excited (cuz we made up) and got ready n dresse dup....then he just fukken called me and cancelled cuz he says he doesn't wanna drive that far.


and now i cant get ahold of anyone else cuz they are already there waiting for us. i have no money for a cab.

this sucks. i think imma cry. i have had such a shitty day as it is. fukk all my friends.

blah blah blah.

ok thats enough. bye. *is a sad lil grrl*

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