2011-12-18 00:42:47 ET

HATES sleeping alone,

glad i have had work these past 3 weeks to keep me busy, buuut kind of partying alot again lately.

its x-mas means times to get fatter and do crazy things. but he doesnt accept it anymore.

i wish he was in my bed.


pow pow pow. lets make SNOW flakes!!??

ugh2011-11-29 07:29:17 ET

broke up again.. feeling not so sad this time? or just in shock?

been only a week feels like a month, how can you go from being with someone everyday to not being with them at all??

going to go to value village today and a nice hike with my bff!

waiting for WoW 4.3 update to finish!!!! come onnnnnnnn!!!


2011-07-15 23:57:36 ET

hrmmm... he broke up with me, i really thought he was "the one" and wcould actually tolorate me??

jokes.2011-07-15 23:53:53 ET

"what did the egg say to the boiling water?"

2011-05-10 02:05:34 ET

alcohol gives me heartburn.

take a zantac.

gets stuck in the dry throat.


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