style by jury2011-05-10 01:49:07 ET

is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G show!

man vs. food is very "american" my bf says.. hmmmm

i know EVERYONE here is american, so...

really tho. sterotypes are fun/funny?

all the single ladies2011-02-18 04:56:50 ET

we are in a "break" go figure.

i forget about this all the time.. but it really is a good escape tatic. hrmmm

i dont even do the book IRL or lj.

p.s do not touch chemicals and wipe your eye.. thats why youe eyelashes are thinnning.

p.p.s apologize.

2010-11-07 22:09:07 ET


whoa.2010-11-07 21:32:49 ET


adventurous driven smiles.

glances of intrigue.

heartfelt touches of sand.

youth2010-02-08 03:19:25 ET

what a fitting name... how could i forsee the suture and know that i woudl find this journal and aattepmt to be an adult

i can't sommit. im drunk and non sense mking

i wish i could go back to my youth and wear combat boots and babydolls dresses.

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