already forgot2010-01-23 08:39:33 ET



didn't make it out to benny page last night. so sad.

nchos for breekki.

promise to write moe later and give upates on everything.

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WoW2010-01-20 18:40:56 ET


ner/zhul baby

WHAT THE CRAP!???2010-01-20 02:05:02 ET

my ex searched my email addy for junk and found this!!!

i have cimpleytely forgotten about it.

its been sooo many eyars do i even know anyone on here.


to drunk sorry

dumbass.2006-05-09 17:48:59 ET

first off i would liek to sincerely apologize to my dear friends, as you can see i have deleted all and any previous blog entries.

i have gotten myself in some hot water with some of my friends due to certain blog entries on my journals, i have the tendency to talk about personal shit that is no body's bussiness but me and the other party involved.

you think i woudl have learned my lesson the last time.

i have been talking about shit i should be keeping to myself and talking about them on my online blogs, without recognizing that they are for public viewing, i always tend to forget that part.

even tho its heat of the monet and caused by frusteration, please note that i dont mean about 85% of the shit i say in my entries, i know i have caused many of you pain and frusteration/confusion. by my actions and words.

i love you all so very much and especially you cupcake!

from now on my private/frusteration, entries are to be left for pen and paper.

once again i would like to apologize for airing my private bizzness out there. and for hurting any of you.

signed with much love, ann.fucking.marie

note: X posted to all and any other online blogs.
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2006-01-28 21:40:00 ET

do you see her talking to the shadow?

he was too beautiful to be real

she fell into her own darkness

everything was pure

he crumbled into ashes

blood stained the sheets

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