its that time of year.2004-04-23 19:40:23 ET

went to a bush party last night, going to another one tonight.

oh yeh baby and there is another party out of townat some little girls house.

but ppl were like handing out flyers downtowna and shit, and we all kno how that turns out.

so yeh i am goin to pick up my little sister and shit.

and then my little brother then the girls, then goin to meet the boiz.

i wish i didnt have to drive for once.

lipstick and cigarettes2004-04-23 13:29:03 ET

are all gunked in my hair,

and i have 30 mins to get to the bank, these are the times when my best friend's hats come in handy.

The Stills - Lola Stars and Stripes2004-04-21 21:22:28 ET

sewing my pants, goin to jug night. 10$ pitchers.

meeting the skater boi crew there.

who knows meybee even my "boifriend" will be there. then i can talk to him for once, and ask hima bout all this shit, i just hope he's not too drunk. yeh right ehe.

anyways i cant wait to hang otu with aram he works until midnight tonight, i shud have gotten him to meet me at the bar afterwards.
oh well next time.

bleh feel dizzy again today, meybee i shud make a doc appt.

but no thats too easy, i think i'l just wait until i die.

Yellow Card - Breathing2004-04-21 13:12:08 ET

tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

it takes up sooo much energy.

HAPPY 4:202004-04-20 22:00:13 ET

even tho i dont smoke imma goin out.

alot of kegger parties tonight.

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