"It is eatible" does not mean "It is food."    2004-01-15 15:27:37 ET
He showed up at my door as promised, snack in hand. He eats packaging material. He likes it with chocolate or maybe butter and salt if he is watching a movie. He thinks they taste just like ricecakes. I think itís the shock value. He admits to my deduction and then offers me oneÖ thanks, Iíll pass.

 school books    2004-01-13 19:35:33 ET
The tally of books I have to buy for this semester is 8 text books, 5 plays. Plus there are ten other tittles that are suggested reading for my classes.
Does anyone else have to buy a new book shelf just to hold this semester's books?

 Quote of the day    2004-01-13 14:08:38 ET
"I think Designers are really just scientists with something extra in the brain. I really do. Well either something extra or something missing."
Proffessor Holly Durbin

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