*    2004-01-09 19:55:57 ET
Home alone. For now. Guests arrive back roughly 2am. I pick the roommate and daughter up from the airport tomorrow. School starts again on Monday. So what do I do in the calm before the storm? I bake cookies.

 Dating    2004-01-08 17:46:11 ET
My friend Brian called me in need to vent. The girl he has been seeing informed him today that she has a boyfriend. Apparently this girl and her signifigant other are close to being over but she feels that she needs to stop seeing Brian until she and the boyfriend are offically over. Brian is upset.
Selfish people make me angry. I have watched more than one friend get strung along by some stupid person who isn't mature enough to be honest about commitments. I want to walk up to these people and smack them silly. How inconciderate to repay someone's genuine affection with lies. What pisses me off most is she used the word UNTIL. Make up your mind! Don't leave someone standing there Until you can get around to them. People do not exsist to fill your emotional needs. GRRRRRRR

However, In other news...

Any time now someone I have never met, yet heard so much about, will show up at my doorstep. She is my friend Jeff's girlfriend. The family he is living with now are not keen on the girlfriend staying the weekend so she is staying with me. He has been in and out of my house for the past two days in preparation for her arrival. I Just arranged a dozen roses for him and he used my art supplies to make her a card to go with the bouquet. Watching his excitement makes me think that maybe dating is not so pointless after all.

 Getting started with the forces of darkness.    2004-01-05 22:00:02 ET
I was just given a most wonderful book. It is called HOW TO BE A VILLIAN.
In the chapter on choosing your henchmen it offers this advice about the undead
:What the undead lack in speed and agility, they more than make up for in persistance and can-do attitude.

I have been giggling for an hour as I have thumbed through this happy gift.

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