Saturday the fourth    2004-01-03 21:20:22 ET
I worked 12 hours today. We have three large sets due by monday. SO I get to work tomarrow too. Blegh. At least there is s good radio station. My job is not always easy, but having a radio station that plays Minestry, Bjork, violent femmes and David Bowie all in a row makes twelve hours not so bad. My day was finished up frosting a huge five foot birthday cake with this plaster paint crap I can't get off my arms.
I got a gift card for borders so after work I wandered around a stared at lovely books. I bought a music theory book.
Finnally home I realized that my roomate is gone for a week. I find it somewhat silly that I forgot seeing that I woke before the butt crack of dawn today to drive her and her daughter to the airport. Arriving home reminded me she was gone becasue she left the living room, kitchen, and bathroom barried in her mess. So now I get to clean up after her beacuse a week in this mess will cause mental break down... But I get a week with the house to myself.

     2004-01-02 19:40:01 ET
Captain Liberty: "Poetic justice."
Arthur: "Is there any other kind?"
The Tick: (Nodding his head) "Puppet show justice."


 Arizona    2004-01-01 20:38:24 ET
I decided to end it all and begin again in a place I have never been before. This not quite magical place was the state of Arizona. I was in Tempe, Arizona to be exact.
About the road: 1. Budda forbid anyone drive any faster than ten miles below the speed limit.
2. The border patrol will ask you twice if you are an American citizen if you drive up listening to music in another language.

I went to visit my friend. We got to see a couple of really good tribute bands last night. The Iron Maidens: An amazing all female tribute to Iron Maiden; and TNT: a fun Tribute to AC DC.
But I am now back in San Diego. This makes my mother happy. I left without calling her and I had four messages of .. Where are you? when I got home

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