tripping as I enter my morning dance class    2004-01-12 17:59:47 ET
The walls began melting. Not like the witch in a highly annoying movie, more like potatoes succumbing to the mashing fork. All around her the building was turning to clumps of goo. People were screaming and running in terror. Some of the screams were muffled as the goo closed in around them. She sat watching the horror unfold. Instead of fleeing in panic, she leaned over and poked at a growing puddle of wall goo at her feet. It was swirled with the colors from the posters and advertisements that had decorated the wall in itís past, more stable life. With a tiny giggle she stood up and tromped around in the sticky substance. It was more fun than muddy puddles in the rain.

Anything would be more fun than waiting in line for a half an hour to talk to unhelpful financial aid people.

 The Power of Christ Impales you.    2004-01-11 22:32:13 ET
I think I just saw the worst movie ever made.
Itís a little flick filmed in Canada that entitles itself


It is badly filmed. The dialogue left much to be desired. Itís portrayal of Christians, Atheists, Lesbians, and Mexican wrestlers will offend the above mentioned.
The ending songÖ.... ďItís ok, itís all right. Everyone gets laid tonight.Ē

I giggle while mourning the time I will never get back.

 Brother in law to be    2004-01-10 20:07:55 ET
My sister is getting married. Her fiancť is perfect for her. He likes the idea of marrying into a big family. This is good. My Family is the type who is into everyoneís business and I get called by everyone at least twice a week. So Troy is working hard and stepping into a brother role with the rest of us. Itís a little weird for me to have someone else asking me about my love life and why I havenít found anyone yet. My new years trip to Arizona has my family twitching nervously and Troy has jumped on the bandwagon. He wants to be the protective big brother. So I received this email from him asking me about how I am doing and how are things with my ďfriendĒ, and crap. I donít know how to respond.

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