my last week    2004-07-27 06:08:33 ET
On the subject of Sex: Growing up in church you are continually fed the notion that sex is bad. Donít think about it, donít talk about it, and never ever mention the word around your parents. My sisterís shower last week was strange. My sister my mother and I, talked as my sister went through the lingerie she had gotten as presents. Hearing my mother say things like ďDonít worry if itís too tight, it wonít be on longĒ was kinda Twilight Zoneish.

On the subject of Camp: For five and a half days I was Recreation Staff for a teen camp in Pine Valley. I never got any more than four hours of sleep at night. The program this year, due to some last minute changes in administration, was incredibly unorganized. This situation left us trying to pull all the pieces together at the last minute every second of the day. Yet despite the frustration and sleep deprivation, the week was amazing. They were 325 of your typical church kids that ran around. The squealing high maintenance girls that screamed every time we got them with the water balloons, The Jr. High Boys who showed abandon of all reason as four tackled me to rub oatmeal in my hair. The one girl who had cancer and unashamed, bore her bare head with a smile. The pain this girl was in was tremendous. Yet she involved herself in every game and I never saw her cry or feel sorry for herself. I am grateful for the chance I was given to meet these kids. One of the girls cried when I told her goodbye. She thanked me for talking to her. All I did was spend about twenty minutes of free time sitting at a table talking to her about useless things. What made a world of difference to them is that someone said hello to them. Thst is very humbling to think about. It makes me want to make the effort to involve myself more in peopleís lives. To loose my self centeredness and show someone that there is otherís willing to listen. There are always the few that you want to keep. There is that ugly situation at home and you donít want to send them back. I have a list of names, attached to faces and silly memories. They want me to come back next year. They wanted me to do rec staff for a camp in a couple of weeks. If I could do this as full time work I would.

 so much to do    2004-07-16 21:58:05 ET
Tomarrow I have a bridal shower to attend. my sister's bridal shower. I hope it goes well. I am suppose to spend the night and then attend a second shower hosted by the ladies at her church . Two days of girlyness... Will I survive?

Sunday night I return home, do some laundry and head out to pine valley. I am going to be staff for a christian teen camp. I get to be the fun staff, one of the ones who get to make up the games and give out points and be silly and crazy all week. Yep I said all week.

I come home late friday night because my love has a suprise for saturday. I don't know what he's got up his sleeve, he won't tell me.

In other news: I have just tried on the half finished bodice on the Bride and it fits splendidly. So far I am able to make the adjustments to the patterns without any complications.

 headache    2004-07-14 09:52:00 ET
I have head a headache for three days.
I have done all the things I am suppose to. I sleep more, I have not eaten anything with sugar in it, I have had my full quota of water and I am still eating excedrin like candy.

Usually when I have migranes they last for three days tops. This headache feels like it's been on the verge of becoming a migrane for three days and now it's getting worse.
I think something in my neck may be out of alignment.

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