OOPS! Depression!
2004-08-12 06:47:05 ET


Yeah, what we've got there is amusing. But what we have here is oops depression brand Matt. Dunno, it sucks. I usualy am happy, and I've been happy for a while.. But.. hmm...not now. Thus my previous journal entry. People could be dying all around me and I'd be laughing right now. uhm. Yeah. I really am going to annihilate you all one day, however.

2004-08-12 06:34:23 ET

In exactly 15 years, I'm beginning the extermination act. I will begin the systematic annihilation of the human race for fun and joy. So, prepare to be annihilated humans. Tell your loved ones goodbye.

However, I'm not exactly sure how I will go about such a thing. But I think it'd be fun. Real fun. Have a nice day.

Just what i need...Heehee
2004-08-12 01:17:04 ET


Now that's fucking cool. I could think of funny things to do with something like that. Hehee.
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Have I posted this?
2004-08-11 13:21:29 ET

I know I've posted this I think, but I'm way too lazy to go look back and find it.


Normally, I don't pay that much attention to astrology stuff, but in all honesty I know that's just me. Seriously, perfect description.

So yeah, waiting for hours today to get registered for classes. What a fucking nightmare. I waited literally 3 hours in line just to get my classes set up. I did meet this cute girl though, I had seen her when I took the SAT, and finally started speaking to her today. Hurray for me. Maybe I'll see her around sometime.

2004-08-11 00:03:57 ET

it's 5:03 am, and I have to leave at 7 to go to East Georgia College orientation an hour away. 2 hours of sleep today, 6 hours yesterday. I'm going to die up there.

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