AHHHHHHHH so wrong!
2004-06-14 17:16:08 ET


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2004-06-13 07:17:51 ET

Bored as usual, freaking sunday morning. This is just great, I finish up with school in four days, and then.. erm.. I have nothing to do forever. I'll graduate (hopefully) I need to go to Israel to see Observe and Control. Good band, good band. :D Did I mention I was bored?

I love computer illiterates..
2004-06-11 12:05:25 ET

I love computer illiterate buffoons. My aunt came to me about a month ago and told me her monitor had stopped working, that it simply would not turn on. I told her I could probably fix it easily. Luckily today, I was over at her house and decided on a whim that I may as well take the monitor with me to see if it really didn't work. (She was going to throw it into the dumpster) When I got home, plugged everything in, of course.. It works just fine. It's a damn nice monitor. A pretty little 17 inch HP. Compared to that old 15 inch ADI piece of crap, it's an angel <3
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Capn Incredible
2004-06-10 15:59:47 ET

My friend Derek's AIM is Capn Incredible, so I wrote a song:

Capn Incredible do do dooo dooo Capn incredible! He saves the day!!! CAPN INCREDIIIIIIIIIBLE DOOOOO DOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOO!

Strange dreams again,
2004-06-09 13:12:18 ET

Ok like.. I was at my ex's house. And there were two beautiful white siberian tigers and penguins in the backyard. And my ex's mother and a guy in a business suit were out there talking. Then I woke up. Weirdness

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