2004-04-02 10:04:11 ET
Yes yes, mmmmmmmm PILLS. Cept, these one's arent colored, hmm? i wonder if they work as good? haha. We shall see. All i have to say is thank god for modern science or else no one would EVER want to be around me. Screw depression!

     2004-03-25 05:23:11 ET
Hmmm, lets see. Went to lunch and shopping with Justyne yesterday. Was fun. Soooo very nice to be out with someone other than my family. They all annoy me lately. I think that's a bad thing, but i'm not real sure. Gotta call the insurance company about the check for the fixing of the big red beast. Aka: Mike's truck. Was suppose to be done today, tho i'm having doubts on that considering we've heard nothing from the place since last week. Got stuck in traffic this morning due to an accident. Loads of fun, yeah right. Going to take a shower and head to Tina's for a bit. Wow, my life is incredibly boring, eh? Yeah yeah, dont tell me, i know.



 blah blah    2004-03-22 12:14:06 ET
So, i dyed my hair. I dont know really yet if i like it or not. I stripped the black out and went with a dark plummy sorta colour. It's not really dark enuff for me i guess. Apparently I got used to the black more than i thought i did.

Meh, boring day. Went and spent $$

Spending $$ is always good right? lol Yeah... My kids are outside rollerblading, they are now turning into skater punks. I love my kids. hehe.

I think i shall go play some Bloodrayne now. Havent done that in a while.

 Grrrrrr    2004-03-21 15:08:14 ET
Ok, so i can talk about this here, because no one that is involved in this is on SK. If i write it in my livejournal i know i'll never hear the end of it.

Tina, you kinda know about this. Adam... so... i wished him a happy birthday the other day, even tho, it kills me to even talk to him still. No big deal, said, he was happy, said thanks, chatted about a couple generic things, that was it, i was ok.

So... i get on msn, and she messages me, she being his gf. Ok, Tina, i told you about her asking me what kinda beer he likes the other day. Well, today, she tells me that she got her bellybutton pierced and he LOVES it... Ok... enuff, THEN she tells me that next week she is buying him a tattoo as a belated bday gift, and that she is going to hold his hand and then she's gonna get her nipple pierced and he'll hold her hand. UMMMM, WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE ABOUT THAT?? Please tell me why she feels the need to inform me of these things. i wished them well before i left, I DID NOT wish for HER to inform me of all of it.


 It's a hiking we will go...    2004-03-20 03:36:00 ET
Ok, yesterday bowling, today hiking.

Yesterday we didnt bowl because there was a million ppl there and 14 of the million were signed up ahead of us for a lane. Ummm, did everyone have the same idea?? So today, we are driving to Llano TX to climb something called Enchanted Rock.

I'm, ummm... well. I guess it'll be really cool. It's looks awesome from the pix and I'm excited to take pix. So... a hiking we will go. Of course me, i would much rather get the exercise from shopping, but yanno, the fam just dosent agree with that! haha.

So... i'm out!

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