2002-11-24 10:00:03 ET

Okay so here's what's down

1)Tori baybee keeps saying SK never answered her back about her application (name is XxBjorkxX) other than what I've told her, anyone who knows to whose attention I should bring this--greatly appreciated

2)lol sister screamed at me this morning because I blew up the eggs again--hehehehehahahah

3)sister and a friend made this stupid harry potter fanfic that you'll see later, just gotta show you

4)I acquired a new name at the skatepark this week
Weird? I know

5)I'm out to purchase Fighter Maker if Moms doesn't stop being fucked up--I'ma tell you about this game too after I've screwed with it

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Donna told me post this.........that is all2002-11-22 12:28:59 ET


Comets? Feirce Winters? Lethargy? NO!!! I’ll tell you something!!! I might not have been there but this is
my theory, farfetched as it may be I say this is the truth…ANYONE WHO OPPOSES WILL SUFFER

The thing is it was demons, yes demons, demons who wanted to eradicate these guys so:
1)there would be some balance, I’m sure when humans had come into play, they’d have been eaten all
2)On the michevious side of things, baffle Scientist for an eternity making them question stupid obscure
things like What color are these guys, What killed these guys (Which I am answering right now) And how
could you stupid palientologists (spelling?) horribly disfigure those skeletons like that, ehh?

Of course It wasn’t so much an easy task, not very ample time to cover the world, sparing the
sharks and the insects and the mammals and what not, burying any evidence of their existance…which they
pretty much stopped doing so good a job of, figuring them humans were going to rape our planet looking
for stuff anyway, and of course come across these things…so that was scrubbed midway.

So now we get to how it went down. So, using their dark pagan magick, they put up a screen to
protect the worlds sharks and the insects and the mammals and what not, thus beginning the big parts. So
they went billion years into the future and retrieved surplus blasters, and a good plenty of plasma charges to
go with such, and then, well you know, blasted the dinosaurs and drove their remains underground for the
planet raping humans to unearth and willy nilly put bones together.
So then, there it is, there you have it, there we go…who am I? I am a friend…


my good man peep me some fry rye kemo sabe2002-11-15 15:40:31 ET

How BLACK are you?

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How ASIAN are you?

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How MEXICAN are you?

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How WHITE are you?

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PLEASE CLICK THE LINKY PLEASE...this is the most bullshit I have ever heard2002-11-15 13:58:19 ET

SintheticDesign: OH BEE~
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh?
PlasticWIREsteeL: hi rayvey
SintheticDesign: hidy
PlasticWIREsteeL: what's down?
SintheticDesign: JOSH!~
PlasticWIREsteeL: coolness
SintheticDesign: lmao
PlasticWIREsteeL: so whatcha doin'
SintheticDesign: nothing much... I know what I want to do.. * looks at Joshie *
PlasticWIREsteeL: heh......did I send you my story?
SintheticDesign: No did you see mine od Sk?
SintheticDesign: on*
PlasticWIREsteeL: ooooo, nope
PlasticWIREsteeL: i go there then
PlasticWIREsteeL wants to directly connect.
SintheticDesign is now directly connected.
SintheticDesign: http://www.redmusic.com/goths/warning.html
PlasticWIREsteeL: the HELL?!!!
SintheticDesign: its real baby
SintheticDesign: LMAO
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh my god
PlasticWIREsteeL: lmao who the hell wrote this
PlasticWIREsteeL: manson ain't goth you idiots
SintheticDesign: its true though~
SintheticDesign: >.<<BR> PlasticWIREsteeL: i beleive you, but that's bullshit
PlasticWIREsteeL: "whatches cable"?
PlasticWIREsteeL: heheheh
SintheticDesign: LMAO
SintheticDesign: read WHY
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh damn
SintheticDesign: LMFAO
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh damn ::print::
PlasticWIREsteeL: the heading alone got me
SintheticDesign: I have to go ....
SintheticDesign direct connection is closed.
SintheticDesign signed off at 10:51:02 PM.
thank you for bringing that to my attention

2002-11-09 03:15:46 ET

comments, insuluts, compliments, pointers please...lol for whoever wants, I'll fuck them up too

and QB, it's not nice to fool the teacher by signing your test Kevin2002-11-06 13:44:18 ET

meh, stuff is all right, been playing Tony Hawk 3 online (PS2) (name is beedrill Fiver, like most of the time), bee got a jobby working in the school's woodshop,(I'm rockin real minimum wage, 5 bucks a fickin hour, too sweet) wonder how this is going to be for me..I'm doing some schway comic strips based on one and two of Tahsa baybee's cool incidedents, possibly three or four, (not nessicarily in this order)wonder why no one else influences me to do one for one of them, meh
Bleeding Ears
Rob Zombie: The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore

Bleeding Eyes
DIC's Super Mario Bros 3: Never Koop a Koopa, A very Unmagical Toad
DIC's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik Express, Tails' New Home
1 comment

2002-11-02 15:25:52 ET

She freak out at a damaged life like a jailbait in the park
A teenage wolf with a bloody knife going down in the dark
How to make a monster baby, how to get it on
How to make a monster baby, how to get it on
Go go Zombie, go go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Go go Zombie, go go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Roots in hell and time will tell if your baby is insane
a child bride with bloody eyes got Satan on the brain
How to make a monster baby, how to get it on
How to make a monster baby, how to get it on
Go go Zombie, go go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Go go Zombie, go go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Happy belated hallows everyone...didn't get to be a part of it because I had my college class again that night...swell class it is...but a night without the candy run? man. Now I'm officially too old I'm sure, siter had to come with us too..man. felt bad. Gave her some candy I had. lol I'm officially human...whatever...hope everyone had nice one...nothing lately 'cept I been making some beats in Frequency and Wacky Worlds...:::wipes the blood from his fingers on his shirt:::...oh anyone who wants a real laugh...someone found a way to see Kasumi nude in DOA2 HARDCORE...anyone who wants the code, please reply
Bleeding Ears
Rob Zombie: How to Make a Monster (American Made Music to Strip By)
Chumbawamba: Outsider, The Big Issue, I want More (Tubthumper)

Bleeding Fingers
Demo: Frequency (PS2)
Bust a Groove (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution (PSX)
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