but i likes vampires...till they ficking possess me, ^_^2002-05-24 10:44:28 ET

Which Buffy Guy Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

dance-dance-get-winded-and-fall-on-your-can-revolution 3rd mix plus2002-05-22 11:43:02 ET

Yay the top 3 students from every gym and health class (lol) got to go to pine canyon, a nice little golf joint with an arcade and some other stuff I'll go through it

Kart racing: as always i had some competition but i didnt lose my butt this time

miniGolf: i did okay. i got crazy again though

Dance Dance Revolution: They SWARE I'm, quote-unquote, the DDR king (i'm nowhere near that, I can think of people i saw who are better than me I just got into doing maniac songs), maybe i'm just modest. It had one of my faovritest songs hidden on it: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba...Yayees!!!


On a lighter note, I was on AIM again with demiTori (don't know if she wants me to divulge her name yet) I was asposed to call her like i did yesterday (she says i have a pertty voice, yayee) but she's saying the phones are occupied right now, damn.....end of gloat
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2002-05-20 13:24:27 ET

Talking to the demiTori is becoming rilly fun i wanna meet this girl...she motivates me tah draw... ^_^

demiTori...2002-05-18 07:49:43 ET

I talked with the coolest girl last night. We exchanged pics and we decided that she should be the demiTori...I must say...it pulled me out of the slump I was in before...oh look in gallery 2 there's a rough sketch i did while we were chatting.....

2002-05-10 18:15:30 ET

I am übershocked at how accurate these can be sometimes...

find your element
at mutedfaith.com.

Along with sensing outcomes check out my dreams...for example: if I like send away for something, then one night dream of a mail truck, I get what I sent away for the next day. Or if Out of the blue an episode of a Television show I saw a long time ago automatically comes to mind, that episode is played the next time I see it...I've always had this particular suspicion about myself really...I didn't really think that there was a name for it........But when I do my outcome sensing it's usually in theatrical presentations or TV or books, I dont know if that voids it any.....

dance-dance-get-winded-and-fall-on-your-can-revolution2002-05-02 03:41:37 ET

It's thursday and it's 8:40. The private school I go to isn't having any class today and tomorrow because it's Teachers' Inservice time again.

My master plan: ask to go to the mall and play dance dance revolution and use the skate park, bringing up the point that it won't be crowded because damn near all of the public school goers are going to be in school. Wish me luck yeh crazies....

:please hold:

It worked yayee!!! I'm going dancin' and blading right after lunch...

AOL Instant Messenger, eh?2002-04-30 11:35:38 ET

So my friend Doug or Frozenfire or whatever he wants to be called says I should get an AIM screenname. I figured okay then...so my new AIM name is beedrill5er feel fickin' free to AIM me...

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