I done made it2008-08-07 12:38:03 ET

Okay here's the rundown; I'm finally here, but:

-My first attempt was thwarted by my parents pretending they had guardianship over me, and well, some cops are not thinkers.

-I had gone to my Aunt's after I had had it with their methods and told them I had signed actual papers to her, so a reluctant Mom and Dad let me go.

-Aunt and Gramma helped me book a new flight and now here I am in Ashland, but now it's just visiting for the remainder of the month to see how I like it, as I was advised to before I made any concrete decisions, and I agree.

Uhm, lol I'll bet I can write about my time here. Heheh...

Habba whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?2008-06-04 22:11:48 ET

Mah mediocre website: Hive
Primary PSU character's name: Lola Braunbesten
State I'm movin' to: Oregon

Three shades of WTF creepy!!! lol...


Update again.2008-05-16 05:25:18 ET

lol, So far I have five new videos as of when I said I'd upload subsequent stuff. I guess that's okay. This is my newest of which. It's cool cause it has Tony Hawkness without me saying FOO! Eheheh...Also the one of my friends I had mentioned before had just gone one her hike; she'll be back by the second, she says. So I promised I'd play more Phantasy Star with her wife whenever I see her on until she comes back lol.

This has been the Highlight of Phantasy Star Playing recently:


Put "Maximum Attack G" in a Youtube search engine and you'll see basically what it is we're doing: fragging a horde of enemies for the sake of phat loots, also they put on another experience multiplier for this event...so that's kinda peachy.

I needsa put up some drawings for next post, they're a couple months old but they're pretty. Concept Art has been what I've been doin' as of late.

Oh, also my friend wants to date me out of nowhere (and eerily it's Hivepink [i gave my site members colors lol]). I'm almost certain it's to keep me from moving, and I ain't putting my life on hold for one friend. Leaving all that I know is indeed gunna be the difficult part of this, though.

So yea, more when it happens. Heehe.

I'm in your Oregonz hiding from buttmunches!!2008-05-05 16:54:31 ET

So after some six odd years I've come to see that i have 23 pages of entries at 7 entries max a page. Good news is maybe I'll actually put some time into this thing. lol here goes:

One major thing I guess is that Juneish I'ma fly out to indeed live in Oregon with some rather cool friends. Ahaha, things haven't been very peachy over here recently and out of nowhere they offer. Guess they see it a bit. I officially love them to death lol.

Another thing I wanna try to do is see how many videos I can make before then, not that I'd have to stop, but I think it may be fun. Do check that shit out; some areas have a bit of dark humor but it's pretty schnazzy.

So yea, time for hopeful active mode. ^_^
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus (360)
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2008-02-10 21:44:21 ET


I need tah halpz.
Okay, also...it's occured to me my own scarcity here is due to that in my outside world experiences. I'm wondering why in the hell I'm not letting those happen. Such'd probably hinder my irritability at home and/or my crazy hallucinatory attacks (although there has to be a better way to put it than hallucination). Other than going to school for an IT certificate so I can get jobbage and maybe pay my way into the presence I had aspired to make, I'm feeling there to be a stick in the spokes. Cookie points for words of wisdom. heheh.
Also Also:
I took one of those perspective approaches and decided to test my own creativity and do a character Myspace page. Good for teh lulz, maybe. ^^;
lol so yea, If I didnt make any sense somewhere then ask questions. lol..

Scarcity fueled update time!!2007-12-16 12:05:09 ET

^I think sometimes I get too creative for my own good. Also...:


Real updates to come when my life is actually eventful. I actually got somewhat of an offer for such from the awesome Rayvin (or to more accurately put it, her husband. haha..). lol So yea whichever come first... (^_^;)
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus (X360)
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AtheneWins Channel

Oh Laaaaawwwdd!!2007-10-10 11:47:07 ET

Sweet Merciful Hell!!!

Also, I'm getting to go more places, and draw way more shit. yaaaayee!!


'Later you pretty babies!!

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