hot damn I am a fucking moron
2004-05-23 10:06:12 ET

last night laura, alex and I went to Haight street. After about 6...haight is pretty boring...EDIT: everything is closed not boringthat was a surprise. We went looking a little bit and I gave cookies to a bunch of street kids (neman o's...ooooooOOOoooooh). We walked around and eventually ended up in Amoeba. I had only about 7$ cash and no I didn't buy much. I was ready to drop about 100$ of needed money but the lack of iton hand was good. I drooled over Fugazi and Cramps vinyl, sifted through the 1$ crap and ended up buying my dad a (new) Muddy Waters record for Father's day. We left the Haight and started the not so long drive home. A long this drive we are talking aboput driving and I say "I am pretty lucky. I've never beeen pulled over, well okay...that ONE time, but he let me go. I am probably jinxing myself right now." Stpped in Pacifica to make a cameo at Denny's and stayed for well over an hour. Left. I start to drive out of the parking lot, end up going out the wrong way and get into the left turn lane so I can flipa bitch. Turns out you can't do that. I see lights in my rear view window. damn. I pull into the empty bus loading zane and turn off thbe stereo. Aparently, to top it off, I had not turned on my lights either. damn again. I search for my license and then get this image in my head. OF MY LICENSE. ON MY DRESSER. AT HOME. NOT ON PERSON. He ended up calling dispatch to get my info and was very nice to me. He let me go without a moving violation and just wrote me up for not having my license on person. shwew...that was lame.

2004-05-21 05:56:15 ET

they need to make caffienated soy

my foot hurts

2004-05-20 18:02:55 ET

I am going to probably buy a shitload of captive bead rings wholesale and I was wondering if anyone wanted to go in on it with me, the minimum is 99$(and the thjins I need is 300 of them for 99$) for one site and another may or may not let me buy without a retail license.....if anyone is interested pm me or im me or leave me a message or.... send me a bottle or a letter or an e-mail of call or a pigeon or maybe even a flying fish........
I would be getting 16 g. 7/16 and 18 g. 7/16 plain silver captive bead rings but we can add whateve

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