I'm drunk, punk!
2004-06-13 10:07:26 ET

Last night I convinced laura to go with me to a senior grad party that would include gratuitous, belligerent, drinking. I was excited, mainly 'cause I am a retarded girl and a boy I have been drooling over all year was going to be there. We were awkward at first, dubbing ourselves the "losers" of the party and keeping to ourselves. More sober people showed (yay!)and we hung out with them in front of a large bowl of chips making fun of ourselves. All the "a-list" kids were there, and it ended up awesome. As laura's chaperone I encouraged her to get shitfaced(so I could live through her). She ends up running around screaming that she's bi-curious and telling anyone she's ever had a crush on that she did. Laura makes out with around five people, I think 4 chicks and one guy. I make out with one, pretty much the whole time. The ex-pres, and this years crush, Julian. Man. This is all getting otu of hand.... more will come...

bitch bitch bitch
2004-06-08 16:05:43 ET

This week is graduation week for me. "what?" you say, confused, and rightly so. I did graduate in January and have been out of school since, but now the ceremony...gah..
I don't want to walk and I am doing it for my New York grandmother. She is a. a huge bitch b. really stupid and c. doesn't get the vegetarian thing, let alone the vegan thing.
I seriously do not care about walking in my graduation, as far as I am concerned I did it last year, with my friends from seaside. Watching them graduate was my graduation. Rikki will vouch, I cried my ass off. My gradparents think it's a big deal, my mother understands it's not and isn't coming at all. My father is...lost...like he is alot in his kilted world. My sister is indifferent and I am bored.

This year has been weird and weirder, driving back and forth between monterey (the life I left behind) and Half Moon Bay (the life I escaped too). The end is coming soon and I am returning. I am going to miss Laura terribly. But I am going to be glad to get back to my life. And not just watch it in short bursts here and there.

2004-06-05 14:38:18 ET

these are totally random

uno!!! my senior pic

ni!! chaz kissing jules shoulder...erm..or something
I took this!! with my camera!! it was great!!


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