three days and I have some
2004-07-12 16:01:11 ET

freeeeeedom.... I quit my job and in three days I am free!!!
wish I had an apartment... damn that having no place to live thing...garrrrrrrrrr
no more dogs for meeeeeee
enough of that
next stop- missouri

2004-07-05 17:42:40 ET

I havn't been on in over a week...weird
so things with Julian are going well-ish
my hair gets progressivly shorter and more blonde by the week, lets hope this trend stops....
I really really really to talk to -----
we are having a ridiculously hard time finding an apartment
and I will have my zine up and running by end of August so those of you who submitted (crystal) your submissions will not go to waste.
also more are welcome **cough coughjules cough**

thank you and gooooood night
2 comments want it
2004-06-25 12:21:35 ET

does anyone want(or can have) a puppy that is a border collie/pittbull mix, If you do contact me and I will hold it for you, only if you can come get it... yay puppies!

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