2004-07-24 08:15:32 ET

I don't believe in god. I hate Bush.
That is the conclusion I came to after seeing Farenheit 911

ON A GOOD NOTE- Ima in Missousi! yay

edit- I was kind of emotional so this entry is very bitter, please ignore... But go see if you have not already, I guarantee it will piss you off if not make you cry, no matter how hardcore of a badass you are.
I was putting off seeing it for that exact reason. SEE IT, NOW

I am also having some trouble finding the faith I once had in anything, not God so to speak, but in myself and what I stand for. Whateve.

2004-07-21 16:48:40 ET

so there's a picture (a very badly taken blurry picture) of my pierced nose in gallery top left. I have more picture of it being pierced and a needle through my nose. There was a lot of blood and I should have planned it better. yea. that's it. Oh and yay Missouri in two days.

um, what?!
2004-07-17 08:52:11 ET

So I might as well share my drastic change of plans.
It all happened over a week
Sunday- my going away dinner from work at a shwank resturaunte that my co-workers and I dressed up for. At this dinner it was jokingly mentioned that I could move in with Shaye(my old boss from the coffe shop) and Jerry(her boyfriend and my friend from work) into this awesome house in San francisco just blocks from Haight. I get to thinking about it.

Tuesday- I go over to the apartment they are moving out of in Half Moon Bay and look through stuff they are getting rid of. Shaye and I gat to talking and I mention that Meagan and I hav yet to find a place in monterey. Shaye hits my with a paper or something and tells me I should just move in with them. Another room-mate seems to not like this idea.

Wednesday- at work Jerry says "so you're going to live with us, huh?" And I suppose I am. I havn't seen the house yet but I hear it's gorgeous and the rent is ridiculous for S.F. I would be a moron to turn this down. So all I have to do is fill out a credit checky form, and since none of them had credit they think it will be fine. So there it is. After I turn 18 I am moving to S.F. with 5 really cool people. I'm not sure If I am going to keep working in the pet store or get a better job in S.F......we'll see

this is almost for sure, but I am trying to think about it like it's not going to happen.
also I pierced my nose and I am in love with it.

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