i tried....
2004-05-12 19:31:46 ET

but alas I would not fit

so yesterday..
2004-05-12 17:11:09 ET

on the way to work my car starts making a funny knocking noise (it's had a massive oil leak up until now.. I have kept tabs on it and kept filling it up spending a shit load on oil). It's going okay until i get to the high way and *BLAM* the mother fucker makes an exploding noise..

I call my boss, let her know what is going on.. and wait... a silver truck pulls up and the clueless guy tries to figure out what is up...he has no idea..he gives me a ride into town... I call my mom...let her know what heppened...
this whole time I am worrying about whether or not the CHP will pick up my car when I am at work...
I call a tow company....the truck driver tells me that for my sake i should go with another one...so i call the other one...my mom and i go to meet the truck driver

my car is gone...
fuck again

so today we go to talk to a mechanic and he tells me he thinks my engine blew and that I should junk the car..
so I go to the tow yard and wait for the driver to get back..he doesn't
I go to work
I wait

I get a call about the car...will finish this later...I am being kicked off of the dsl

UPDATE!!!!!!!- i am going to pay the tow yard to take it away...now I am hunting for a new/old car...the hunt is going well so far

2004-05-10 21:32:48 ET

I just saw Jason Webley live in my old work.
My old work is a teeny tiny coffee shop...
it was awesome

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