2005-02-16 11:11:24 ET

I can't post my cool picture :(

 I saw Star Trek in Turkish voiceovers!    2005-02-08 09:51:17 ET
Captain Spock --- do you read me, Captain? This is my report for the day -- the ship is in distress, Captain. What ever shall we do?? Mehh.

Tasks completed:
Woke up at 8:30 with Oğuz
Ate breakfast (with Oğuz and family)
Went to the coolest fucking museum ever (with Oğuz)
Rode a trolly-thing to have lunch (with Oğuz)
Rode the trolly-thing BACK to the beach (with Oğuz)
Climbed down a cliff to get to the beach with mountains (with Oğuz)
Sat on the beach for like hours (with Oğuz)
Started back to the house, but was sidetracked by a mall (with Oğuz)
Saw Toys R Us and Migros (like a Walmart, of course, with Oğuz)
Rode the dolmuş back to the pad (with Oğuz)
Ate dinner (with Oğuz and family)
Played with the younger siblings for like 2 hours (withOUT Oğuz)
Head started to split into two from overload and tiredness (possibly with Oğuz, not sure)
Went to internet cafe (with guess who?)

Current task:
Updating you, dear Spocky -- I mean Captain -- on SK (with Oğuz next to me)

Future tasks:
Go back to apartment, sleep fully (with Oğuz)

Summary for the day:
It's been a splendid day with Oğuz :) Tomorrow we're going to Perge and Aspendos woot! (In the relatively same location -- and so FREAKIN COOL)

That's all for now, Captain. Have a good night.

PS -- could you ask Scotty to beam me some wheatthins? I have found none in this land. Thanks a bunch. :)

 outta town    2005-02-07 09:20:42 ET
well, Im in a beach town called ANTALYA on vacation with Oğuz! 'Prolly wont be on here often, so, everybody have a great week until I can read your posts next!

You can see Antalya by clicking here or, by going here and looking at the traveler's pictures.



 question.    2005-02-04 11:01:23 ET
What's the worst (THE WORST) blunder in the kitchen that you've ever made? (ie -- I mixed up the salt measurement with the flour measurement in a chocolate cake and almost killed my home-ec teacher) LEMME KNOW!


 THE BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER!!!    2005-02-04 10:49:30 ET
Well, woke up today at 8am, got ready for work, woke up Oğuz with hot breakfast, and then, cabbed-it to work. Got to work, had a good elementary level... except I have one (female - as usual) student that pisses the hell out of me. She NEVER shuts up, she's older than me, and her English is good, which thus makes her a little cocky. She's nice normally, but, half the time she kind of seems cold -- like she's too good for my classes. Grrrrrah! Maybe even stupid -- her tone of voice seems... airhead-ish. Anyways!...

AFter my elementary class, I prepaired for my pre-intermediate that I havent seen for 2 weeks because of Bayram. So, I wait... wait... wait... every student is offically 20 minutes late for class. The secretary and one of my students (Hasan) comes and says in very broken English: "your students no come. I make telephone. You wait 45 minutes they coming together. OK?". I, of course, although it IS my birthday and I want to get home to my boyfriend and cuddle, say "ok -- sorun yok (no problem)" and they smile at me and say "ahh -- come. Çay (tea) drink.". So we all sit in the student cafe thing and drink tea.

We talk about my (possibly) pregnant kitty, and if anyone wants kittens.
We talk about the differences between American and Turkish bank accounts, and how the password for my new ATM card hasnt come yet, and I dont understand why. The secretary calls for me and speaks to Hakan Bey, the man who set the damn thing up for me and promised me a password (HAND DELIVERED -- why? I have no idea)within 10 days (its been 22...). Another student comes, and says "lets go to the class and see pictures" (my family, friend, kitty, etc pictures).

Those pictures they want to see are part of my lesson plans, so, I quickly change the subject to politics: generally, Americans dont want a war in Iran or Suriye, and the world needs to remember to spit on president Bush, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (and not my students' innocent ESL teacher -- which has happened, mind you), for this bullshit. They like the convo -- one even says that Bush should be assasinated, and I should be made president (which was cool but oh-so freaking CREEPY at the same time... the look in his eye, I was saying to myself "oh god no -- please not... another... terrorist... GAH). During all of this, other students slowly trickle in.

I have 4 students. 4... freakin... students. So, we start. The smart-assed slacker of the bunch (Okan) will not shutup, but I dont care, I keep going and ignore the piss out of him. He gets the idea, and, shuts up.

We have a break, the students say that they want to go for an extra hour -- I was on my feet non-stop for 3.5 hours teaching...

this is called an ARTICLE. It is DIFFICULT for Turks to learn because it does not exist in the Turkish language... articles are A/AN or THE. Anlıyor musunuz? (Are you understanding?)
*heads bob up and down in agreement*
Ok great! :) So, who can tell me what an ARTICLE is?
*Hasan raises his hand*
Yes, Hasan?
A... AN... THE
Ahh! Çok güzel MAŞALLAH!!! (very good THE BEST!!!)
Teşekküler, teşekküler (thank you, thank you -- as if having just accepted a grammy)...
So, now, please make a sentence using an ARTICLE, Hasan.
Ok, no problem -- Today I am going to Amsterdam, but not to airport because I am already in airplane.
*the blandest, most motionless look on my face* No, no -- see, you didnt use an article at all, Hasan.
Yes -- I did.
No, you didnt -- an article is A/AN or THE. There is no A/AN or THE in this sentence. Lazım ama yok (It is nessicary but its not there).
Yaptim, Hocam. Yaptim. (I did it, teacher. I did it.)
Maalesef, yapmadın (unfortunately, no you didnt. ). Lets do an example togeth---
Yaptım. (I did it)
Yapmadın (You didnt do it).
Yaptım! *very angry look on his face*
Yapmadın. Bak arkadaşım. (look, dude) THE....... THE....... tamam mı? (ok?)
Article mi? (an article?) OH! I was to think you want me to use words with letter "a".
Ok. *long pause, same expression as before, to myself* Ok... its not a problem. We will fix it. Its ok. *to the class* Who wants to show Hasan what an ARTICLE is?... REMEMBER FRIENDS, an ARTICLE is A/AN or THE. Who can make a CORRECT example on the tahta (board)?

Yeah. They're all really nice though, and its ok -- they've all just started pre-intermediate, so, you know -- limited understanding (but... oh... my GOD).

So, class was over, I talked to my super cool co-worker İltar (she's a Turk, getting married to a Brit, and venting over her parents that dont like international marriage). Then, I proceeded to the bank to fix my password and pick up some money from America. Exchanged that at the exchange office (didnt fix the password -- gotta wait another 3 days or so). Grabbed a cab home, nobody was there, and Oğuz had my key. Called him, he said "wait at the internet cafe for me", I did it. He came, we went home, AND.....


Yeah, been seriously missing home since yesterday was my little bro's birthday, and we've always had to share a freakin' birthday togehter (which used to be a pain, but now that we're apart it's really sad). So yeah, wow my cake was so good! It had strawberries and kiwi and bananas on top, vanilla cake with a banana creme inside AND covered in neopolitan chocolate shavings (pink strawberry chocolate, chocolate, and white chocolate) -- it kicked ASS!

Then, we went to the movies AND dinner. Let me just state for the record that my boyfriend (my fiance) is SERIOUSLY the best!

This post is for Oğuz for making my birthday so special, although I was away from home (which I love so much, and didnt realize it until I was gone) and had to wake up so damn early and go to work:

Seni seviyorum ama ÇOK seviyorum, hayatım benim. Ne kadar güzelsin -- ÇOK mütlüyüm, heyecanlıdım! ÇOK teşekkür ederim!!! :) :)


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