IM IN THE NEW FLAT!!! Ayrılamayız biz    2005-02-28 23:03:09 ET
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Well, well, well -- I'm in the new flat!... an my boyfriend isnt happy. He's scared to death that one of my (older -- 8 years older than me) roommate's male friends will come over and try to do bad things to me. Yes, that happens in Turkey... but I think he's paranoid. Why does he do this? Because he's a tourguide and he knows what kinds of horrible things his co-workers do to all the french and belgin girls that come to Turkey (they try to get a wife or else they fuck and leave -- pregnant or not, doesnt matter).

Firstly, I would NEVER flirt with one of Behiye's friends. Secondly she's said that if (IF -- which Oğuz is taking as WHEN IT DOES) something were to happen, all I have to do is tell her directly. He'll be out and taken care of in a second. So, Behiye is nice. Not dumb. Older -- treats me like her little sister. I dont think she'd ever let anything happen. Time will tell of course...

But now Im sad -- I was so excited about this new apartment thing. I voulenteer to go wake up Oğuz this morning for his second day of school because he's so NOT a morning person, this is his final year, and he MUST do well this semester or else he wont graduate, and all I hear out of him all morning is "something bad is going to happen to you... I dont trust Behiye.... I dont trust her friends... I dont like this.... on and on and on". I'm a big girl, and I love that he takes care of me, but I can handle it myself.

And now, Im kinda pissy.

So, now I gotta go give Behiye her keys back cuz I just made copies... and then... ? Bilmem.

Uff erkeğem benim -- böyle kullanıyorsun -- şimdi napıcam?!?!
(Translation: Ufff my boyfriend -- why do you operate yourself this way -- now what will I do?!?!)


Anybody got any advice? God I miss my American friends. I could seriously use a girl cry with an English speaker... female ENglish speaker.... with estrogen and periods and boobs and girl things and male crushes and chocolate obsessions.

*starts to cry, and leaves the net café"
Böyle hayatım.

 nevermind, I DO have time for a proper update...    2005-02-27 04:27:20 ET
...a quick one.

1. Im at work right now -- using the computer for free, sitting in the middle of a tall Turk's computer class. Typing away and he's lecturing. I feel kinda bad, but oh well.

2. I am here, supposed to be working on the TOEFL program. That's right. TOEFL as in Taking On English as a Foreign Language as in the exam given in Canada and America if you want to study abroad. I have been told to write an entire TOEFL exam prep course, although, I have never taken the exam (being an American in this country I already automatically know EVERYTHING donchya know *eyeroll and giggle*).

3. I made a plan a few days ago. I presented it to the boss BEFORE my other peer (a beautiful TUrkish girl named İltar, who speaks English fluently). Stupid me. I was under the impression that the owners of the dershane (litterly translates into schoolhouse -- but think community college instead) knew ENglish AND the test. Nope. THey just know that the creation of a TOEFL prep-course by an American would reel in some BIG bucks. İltar said it was a good plan, but 270 vocabulary words isnt enough. She's right. A minimum of 1000 vocabulary word knowledge is needed -- that's VOCABULARY words, like "pretense, adjacent, perrenial, corpulent, accretion, locally, auricular" -- NOT "this, that, the, to run, to eat, to sleep, bowl, umbrella, nightstand, computer". My boss said to me "what level of grammar is this? Elementary, Pre-intermediate? --" I reply "UPPER-ADVANCED". He says "oh... hmmm... would you like 120 hours instead of 70?". Yeah, thanks -- I would!

4. NOw, I continue working on the plan. THere are 20 grammars instead of 16, tons of words lists, and many things not taught at this dershane. THe owners were thinking "oh, well, after our students take the upper-intermediate class, they can take TOEFL, pay tons of money, and be shipped off to America and Canada!". HA...ha ha... HAAAAAAAAAA! No way. This class.... no way.

5. Şimdi ders yazıyorum (so now, Im writing a course.). It's obvious that they dont know what the hell they're doing. I now feel a personal obligation to make a seriously kick-ass class. With MORE hours. With tons of vocabulary. With all the right grammar, and listening practice.

6. Oğuz starts school tomorrow (its time... when he's dormant for too long, he gets this attitude about him, I still love him though). That means I can work from morning until night freely ("watchya doin'... oh... yeah *sarcasic joke*..... *I say something, he doesnt pay attention*... what??? huh??? whatever I dunno... *I stomp out of the house and want to go eat a big icecream sundae, but I cant. Why? I have no money and I dont know where I can get icecream*).

7. I'm moving out. haha! UP 2 FLOORS FROM APT 3 TO APT 11 WITH A SUPER CUTE TURKISH GIRL NAMED BEHİYE! In an apartment without mold growing on the walls... without man hair everywhere... and boy mess everywhere... and man slouching... and man... man... man... I love Oğuz so much, but the apartment thing isnt working with Rıdvan -- I really dont like the bastard. I did, but he's an anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-female, anti-globalization, anti-education, anti-hard working MAN. He's anti-everything I am pro. (Im pro any country, any religion, Im pro both sexes, and globalization isnt such a bad thing, Im a teacher AND a student, and I work hard -- Im pro-equality, freedom, and the right to kick the bastard in the face).

And that's my story. Now, I'm tired of working. I want to get my paycheck, go eat breakfast (its 5:30 here -- and I havent eaten), buy some groceries, clean, and be HAPPY, FREE WEEEEEEEE!

And its a small paycheck -- I took a week long vacation and cancelled Friday because of a period. A disgusting one.

Life's too short to worry... just realized that. Wow.


 snatched from Skav    2005-02-27 03:41:53 ET
I'm at work. Sitting in a computer class where Im supposed to be working and taking a break from teaching ESL. Shitty connection. I cannot speak. I must continue plowing through the ESL material and further educating the minds of Turks.


In the meantime, why dont you take this quiz I snatched off of Skav!

You are a Go-Go Girl! Yay you!

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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 Take (with much thanks) from Athyra (and Subsonik, and Innerbeauty, and...)    2005-02-24 23:09:20 ET
do you...
1. Smoke? no -- super allergic, and my boyfriend needs to quit or I can die (seriously)
2. If yes, what?
3. Do drugs?(anything harder than weed if that was one of your answers). no -- been asked to do it, but have always turned down the opportunity
3. Drive? used to.... *WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* I cant drive in TUrkey.
4. If yes, what kind of car? 2004 Dodge Neon Sport -- silver
5. Sleep with stuffed animals? not stuffed ones... just Oğuz and Fifi :)
6. Have a crush? George Clooney in ER episodes?
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yesssss
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? No -- but I have a dream TOPIC that keeps coming back.
8. If yes, what is it? The meeting of Oğuz and my family.
9. Play an instrument? AN instrument? ha! Viola, Tuba, Baritone horn, Cello, Piano, Guitar (acoustic, electric -- want to learn classical style next), took some drum lessons, bass (acoustic and electric -- acoustic is HARD), and I was forced to do opera when I was young (like REALLY young). HUZZAH!
10. Believe there is life on other planets? Yeah, maybe. I dont know -- I think we need to better OUR world more before we go finding life on planets (and I need to better MY world before I even begin to think about it -- my universe is super screwy already as it is).
11. Believe in alien abduction? Ummmm no, definately not.
12. Believe the Roswell story? liked the TV show, that's about it
13. Believe in any conspiracies? Yes.
14. If so, which ones? Large, medicine companies keeping the cure for cancer and AIDS back, so they can make more money (from Athyra). I've also started to believe that Russia and all of its bordering countries are STILL controlled heavily and that the Revolution was nothing -- Russia still controls them like mad crazy (and also has involvement with the war -- like pro-terrorism 100%, but the US could never stop them and the world will end soon because of Russia).
15. Remember your first love? I made a point to forget about it, that I cant even remember details as to how I felt or what happened when we broke up -- Im so happy with where I am now romanticly. Any SK girls want a Turkish hunk? I can hook you up!
16. Still love him/her? No -- and you just reminded me that my "first love" wasnt love at all -- it was a big love from me and a big LUST on his end. I was totally used and I have LEARNED.
17. Read the newspaper? Erm, try to. It's all in TUrkish though.
18. Read any news magazines or political journals? Time magazine. The only cheap magazine here in ENGLISH.
19. Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes -- actually, I think I work with a gay guy but I cant tell because his English isnt good. His mannerisims seem that way though (wore a pink scarf -- which was adorable really. Loved it -- wanted to ask him where he got it, but didnt know how).
20. Believe in miracles? of course!
21. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yeah, of course! But, you REALLY have to work hard at it. Requires alot -- but its all worth it if your love is true.
22. Consider yourself tolerant of others? Yeah, Oğuz says TOO much.
23. Consider police a friend or foe? In America? Friend. In Turkey?... hahaha -- they have freaking 3 kinds of police here. If you're being beaten on the street and the traffic police see you, they wont help unless you're disrupting traffic. Otherwise, you better hope that the CRIME police are there... which, dont do much otherwise.
24. Ever been arrested? No. But Im afraid of it here.
25. If yes, what for? possibly in the future for being an American...
26. Like the taste of alcohol? wines, yes. Beer, no.
27. Have a favorite Stooge? no -- never watched them so much
28. Believe in Astrology? Yeah, you could say. I mean, Im not a BELIEVER -- but I DO read horoscopes sometimes. And yeah, Im totally an Aquarius.
29. Believe in magic? that's a question depending on circumstance -- I used to alot, but not so much now. Im more of a miracle-believer girl.
30. Believe in God? yes.
31. Pray? her zaman dualar yapıyorum. Allah'ım çok seviyorum, İsa'm çok seviyorum!!! :) :)
32. Go to church? no -- not any real churches here. I went to a organized church-thing in a hotel once, but didnt really dig it. I cant go to church without thinking of my family and getting real homesick.
33. Have any secrets? other people's yes, and some of my own to friends, but none to Oğuz (seriously).
34. Did you do well in school? nope -- hated highschool teachers worse than Satan.
35. Go to or plan to go acting school? lol yeah actually thats on my list!
36. Have sex right now? I share a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 straight men, one of which being my fiancé.
37. How many partners in your lifetime? One... back at the apartment haggling with the landlord.
38. Wear hats? one floppy burée thing. I want more -- I like hats. I never did in America -- or rather, when I attempted to, people would say "Bec, what the hell's up with that ridiculous hat??? LMAO". Yeah.
39. Have a horny spot? tabiiki ya
40. Have a best friend? I have 2 soulsisters -- Sam and Danielle -- who hate eachother. One is lax and fun and normal, where as the other has a weight problem, super depressed, and too hard working. I love them both, although one of them REALLY pisses me off alot :) And Oğuz. Oğuz is my rock (taşım benim). I would (and could) NEVER ask for a better person to be my husband.
41. Like your handwriting? handwriting yeah. printing no -- looks like a messy boy's writing.
42. Have a traditional or Roth IRA? That's an investment thing, right? I have NO MONEY RIGHT NOW. NONE. Like, 3 dollars maximum.
43. Have any bad habits? Talking endlessly, forgetting to pick up my things, randomly leaving my socks around the house, not taking my shoes off in the hallway, leaving "girl things" in the bathroom, cooking for an army (on accident), never finishing anything...
44. If yes, what are they? ...putting off cleaning certain things, letting clothes and crap pile up on the floor until the door cant open, Im a cover hog, nasty morning person when I have my period, cant listen to somebody AND have the TV turned on...
45. Care about looks? No -- it's cleanliness that's important as far as other people. AS far as myself, yes, but not to the point where I am shallow and stupid about it.
46. Believe in Satan? yes *shivers*
47. Believe in ghosts? I try not to... I get scared *shivers again*
48. Believe in Santa? *shivers* yes, of course! Oh lol that's a NICE person. *smiles*
49. Believe in the Easter Bunny? used to
50. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? I thought I saw her when I was younger, and wrote an essay about it. I was 9 1/2 and horribly ridiculed.
51. Own Backstreet Boys CD's? Yeah, one -- Millenium was a good one -- and Corey never gave it back!!!!!!!
52. Trust others easily? yes. But not like with my life -- with small things.
53. Like sarcasm? to a point. I taught Oğuz American sarcasim. Now he doesnt know when to stop, like when something is TOO mean and makes me cry. LOL seriously. I have created a monster.
54. Take walks in the rain? Love to -- I dance too
55. Think the Mariners should try hard to re-sign Brett Boone? Firstly, I thought you were talking about the American military until you said "re-sign", and then secondly -- who's Brett Boone????
56. Kiss with your eyes closed? yeah, normally. But sometimes it's nice to look at Oğuz -- he has REALLY nice olive skin!
57. Sing in the shower? used to all the time, but that's like SUPER culturally offensive here.
58. Own handcuffs? no need to -- I have a whip.
59. Have dialup or DSL? Neither. I pay for a shitty ADSL connection at about $1 an hour.
60. Have a question that is really sticking in your craw, but are too embarrassed to ask about because you're afraid you'll look like an ass? No. Definately not. Never ever ever.

 Taken from Windowlicker (teşekkürler)    2005-02-24 22:22:39 ET
1. What does your Subkultures nickname mean?
birkizturkiyede -- should really be birkıztürkiye'de, but you know, only certain charicters are permitted in screennames.

Bir kız Türkiye'de = BEER KUZ tur-KEY-yay-day

bir = one
kız = girl
Türkiye'de = Türkiye in ("de" makes "in")

One girl in Turkey

2. Elaborate on your avatar?
I drew it! :)

3. Who introduced Subkultures to you?
somebody named Kris from highschool who isnt on here anymore. I think his name might have been 5 star service or something. Bilmem (Dunno)

4. How many pictures do you have in your galleries?
We're navigating at maximum capacity, Spock.

5. What's your current status?
ooh -- this is an interesting one. Engaged with the Turkish boy that I just upped and left for in August, after having talked on the internet for 6 years. HUZZAH!!! Somebody top that one (please -- Im begging you)

6. What are you wearing right now?
Dark rinse jeans, a really blue blue-jean non-matching belt, Butler Symphonette hoodie (see Perge pictures in a previous post) - with a foreign sticky substance on the front pocket that I collected somewhere in the house this morning (franticly cleaning), hair in a crappy ponytail, pink and black stripped tennies with no socks (I was in a hurry).

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