vampirefreaks.com2004-11-23 11:41:12 ET

they arent as good as, this place is much better- faster, and everything is better, dont know how else to say it other than saying i think sucks, but that wouldnt be very nice now would it, so i wont say it. here you can change things to fit your liking and/or personality and its more exclusive and know people here. ive technically been a member of since june 6th 2004 but i havent really done anything with it. i went back just a little while ago and realized that i was stoned when i found out about it and that is why i got an account there. they have nothing compaired to

just to let yall know.
oh oh look what i can do

i can insert images ... im so excited but you cant tell because your over there

will it work?2004-11-23 10:58:54 ET

aaawww the kitty loves the girl, and protects the girl.... isnt it cute

grow into your place.2004-11-18 14:56:19 ET

the sun shines down giving energy.
the clowds break and cry so free.
the soil feeds growth and acceptance as a seed splits and sprouts.
a single slinder root, planted deep.
then another and a stalk creeps through the soil,
peeks up and sees the world as a beautiful place.
free and open to new possibilities.
too beautiful to believe.
a place is found. the place of existance is found as space to sprout and grow as big as it can, to grow into beauty, to join the world as part ot that beauty.
a place to plant roots and grow out of the dark,
to reach for the sun when night is gone,
to reach for the stars when the sun does hide
and reach for the moon when the stars dont shine.
A place to stand, alone or in unity, whichever one for which you seek.
a place to bud into something new,
and soon to bloom into something true.
A place to look for the clouds and sky
A place where the air is perfectly fine.
A place where desires are fulfilled,
and life never goes unfed.

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