EA Freaking Games2004-11-17 12:26:18 ET

thats what this box is doing its playing ea freaking games with me, because im blocked from the sunlight, but soon the sun will come through because the clouds and restrictions will be lifted and i will be free to explore the world, and fix my page, and background, it looks like crap... this box makes me mad... does anyone think i can get off school grounds with a desk computer?

scad not scab2004-11-15 11:45:17 ET

oh my god im so happy i just found out that the admission presentation for savannah college of art and design (on dec. 4th) is at the new atl location. so i dont have to drive 4 hours to get there. i only have to drive 1. im so happy. this makes it so much easier. ok now i have to see about making a portfolio and an appointment for portfolio counseling
hardwork pays off. hardwork pays off. hardwork pays off. hardwork pays off

its a ing box2004-11-13 13:49:54 ET

this thing in front of me is just a box. i cant get anything done on this thing, i mean its taken me i 20 kazillion tries just to get to my page, i cant edit anything, i dont have photoshop, ive got nikon view 6 doesnt do . well let me refrase that all it does is takes out red eye, and it doesnt do . i want to fix this background but i cant do it here, i have a box to work with at home. i mean its about as reliable as a broken disk. you cant do anything with it except throw it out the window. i swear to god if this was my computer i would beak the out of it. aaahh anyway now that im down bitching i have to say that i found out yesterday that this guy i like is planning on going to the same college as me. Savanna College of Art and Design. yesterday when i talked to him he told me he was packing to go tour the college so of course i said "dude you gotta talk me with you" (sigh) he just laughed a little and said he had to pack. oh well im going to savanna on December 4th for a presentation thingy they have. its got portfolio counseling and stuff aaaaahhhh my foots asleep dont move it dont move it aahhh i moved it ooowwwieee that hurt (tear and sad face)

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