more poetry2004-11-08 13:13:33 ET

I fall to the ground as the world leaves me
the floor begins to rise and i see it clearly
my head is aching and my eyes lose site
as i stand up straight and try to fight
when i hit the ground i touch a star
but when i get back up i find a scar

update: my moms cat farted and she had to let it out,
my mom "theyll explode if they dont"

I Looked Into Her2004-11-08 12:34:37 ET

She sat, arms crossed looking deep into space.
disturbed by something, for me, unnamed.
Deeply disturbed, looking deep into space
catching my interest to look into her face.
looking for her mind takes a minute now.
She's hiding from me cause she knows how.
when her mind is found and chains unbound.
BOOM! they spray out.
They fly, and fall out.
They're bottled up tight and i can feel it all mixed up.
Her feelings are my own from a long time ago.
The and anger towards thyslef.
The confusion and disbelief.
I know the clowd of feelings that she has built
I know that clowd oh too well
I remember the feeling of which it held
And when i looked into her....
My breath was lost
and my heart sped a beat.
and it makes me see the difference from who i was
and who i am

Angry Child2004-11-08 11:59:25 ET

the angry child who sits alone
has never heard a loving tone
and as she sits
she scopes the rest
looking for a freind at best
the angry child who cries at night
may never know her every fright
and as she lays eyes wide and red
she wonders how her fears are bred
the angry child that a smile
may always lie to feed denial
but she knows someday
her lies will fail
and someone close will learn the tale
angry child filled with regrets
has many stories of which to tell
and all the stories are buried beneath lies of deceit

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