2002-12-28 15:10:22 ET
O Rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy,
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

-- William Blake

 ||||||||FUCKING RIDICULOUS|||||||||||||    2002-12-27 07:08:11 ET
ok so its my day OFF
i work TWO JOBS full time

and i get woken up by FUCKING BILL COLLECTORS

i am not a BUM

i am not LAZY

(its not even really a full day off b/c i'm working later tonight)

but i joined a gym trying to tone up sometime in Aug/September. it was 1/2 a block away from my old job at the bank (in manhattan) but now i work about an hour in the opposite direction (both jobs). and some bitch in BALTIMORE FUCKING MARYLAND (are code 410) has the nerve to tell me that i cant cancel because i'm LESS THAN THREE MILES from the nearest Ballys Total Fitness.

first off, they told me i could cancel when i started. Whatever. Sprint fucking lied too. So did that bitch landlord i had to sue to get my security back. I'm used to this. Lying is not the issue. The issue is, that some wh0re in Maryland is yelling at me first thing in the morning about why i am not going to the gym anymore. Yelling. fuck you then. maybe i like being fat and btw DONT GIVE ME A FUCKING ATTITUDE AND BE ALL LIKE 'its only at 312 Madison Avenue' do you KNOW? have you ever TRIED to get go 312 madison avenue from Williamsburgh on a day you're not working there? NO. THEN FUCK YOU.

40 more days and they fuck with my credit. they are refusing to stop the $80/ monthly bill. Since i cannot come up with a medican note and i only live three miles from the nearest Bally's theres no excuse. i must like being a fatty, and deserve to get my credit ruined.

i have two options (three really)

1. become a prostitute, (i'll make more money) so i can afford going to the gym again

2. fake an address change (maybe one of you CT kids can help me with this one) or maybe a friend in FL

3. get my old job at Grand Central back, pay back the back balance (almost $300 by now for months i did NOT use the membership) and start stomach crunches again

somebody please fucking kill me. i hate new york. god help the suburbs when my lease runs out.

-a very very pissed dbd

||||||amended 2 min later|||||

okay so on a positive note Storm, Bio and Furax hung w/me and Insom last night, after dinner at Johnny rockets, my fave 50's diner. love the bio. loved it.

and my friend mikey came over gave me clockwork orange for xmas and watched LOTR 1 with me till i fell asleep, so i could see for myself what all the hype was about, the movie feels like a storybook, it was like being read a bedtime story. Gandolf is the man. Elves are fucking hot. That is all.

ps. sorry i didnt call you last night izzy nothing weird happened i swear, i just passed right out after the movie was over. hope youre getting some well deserved sleep... <3 -d

 aero dust    2002-12-26 10:18:19 ET
my computer needs a blowjob

i got woken up by the CPU fan this morning. it somehow crept into my dreams. i was having some reality-based dream and this droning noise kept working its way into the background until i was forced to admit that no coherent reality could have this droning noise in it.

i got mail from my dad <3



 bah humbug    2002-12-25 07:55:06 ET
another page makeover.

everyone pm my sister Broken Machine and tell her how stupid her boyfriend is

stayed up late last night with Insomnia watching American Psycho.

I miss Brian.

//listening to | Coil | Teenage Lightning \\\
-dbd out

 the writing on the wall    2002-12-24 11:39:38 ET

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