2002-12-21 08:21:59 ET

oh my god last night was so fun.... so yeah the usual thing happened and we went to this one really cool park and we were hanging out there and this one guy that im like kind of in love with was there and i told him how i felt about him and it was really cool because i was like yeah i dont want this to ruien our friendship and he was like it wont he was like im suprised that you say taht i was like alright and then like he kissed me and told me that maybe one day he'll feel the same about me and it made me smile but also cry on his chest at the same time it was pretty cool. but yeah i pretty much just made out with him the whole night and we had to stop my friend from you know ******** to much anyways then my friend simons mom gave me a ride home and i was about 3 hours late coming home but i dont really give a fuck because last night was one of the best nights of my life oh yeah and my brothers in rehab right now he got put there yesterday it sucks cause i didnt even get to say good bye but i get to visit him tomarrow and i think that he gets to come home for christmas but im not sure anyways i love ***** and last night was great

i almost forgot!!
2002-12-18 19:50:01 ET

something new did happen i found a new discovery.. so anyways this morning around 530 i woke up cause i always wake up in the middle of the night anyhoo when i woke up my eye itched so i itched it and then i felt this goo in my eye like you know when you have eye boogers but like there not all crusty there kind of wet and moist well anyways that happened so i didnt really think much of it but then i woke up again like 2 times later and i was like what the hell is going on but i just fell back asleep because i was really tired then when i finally woke up i could barly see out of my left eye and it burned and itched really bad so i was like what the hell is going on so i went to the bathroom and i looked at my eye and it was all red. i thought ok its just like this cause i just yawned and i was itching it but it hurt really bad and i would barly open my eye anyways i took a shower and when i got out it was still really red so i thought alright well i dont want to go to school looking like im high in one eye so i put some visen in to see if the red would go away and it did a little but it still itched and burned a little so i think that i might have pink eye but i asked my mom and she said no so i think maybe its an alergic reaction to this new eye shadow ive been using damn that fucking eyeshadow fuck my eye itches and it burns AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! oh yeah the rain finally stopped YES!!! which means i can walk to school without getting wet

2002-12-18 19:41:29 ET

School still sucks my moms still a bitch im still in love with someone i cant have so umm life still sucks and nothings new!

At the School Library!!
2002-12-17 08:29:36 ET

yeah its brunch time right now and i decided to come to the library because its too fucking cold out side and its raining and my feet are freezing and im hungry and uhhh today sucks ass hole but yeah anyways i get to see alex today and i get to see the awesome pictures that he took last week and im excited cause he took one of this really cool guy named dirty mark i came up with that nickname hahahaha like hes cute but he'd be better looking if he didnt look so damn dirty but yeah theres a lot of asian people in the library hahaha cyndi i love and miss you

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