death is only a part of life, but why does it hurt so bad?    2005-08-12 02:31:56 ET
R.I.P my best friend and little brother bubba died as of 8/12/05 of an unknown sickness. the little guy passed in his favorite place...under my loveseat, and most of all died where was most my side. you will be missed.

may you pimp the hos in heaven little won't be the same without you.

 i just want to say...    2005-08-11 17:08:51 ET
everyone pray for my puppy, if you all know him by name, it's bubba...he's been deathly sick the past few days, and i don't know if he's going to pull through or not.

 it's the last night in my body baby.....    2005-08-11 07:02:18 ET
she's mine. we got together august 10th 2005 at 9:40 pm. i've never felt better. also to my friends (one already knows) another one of our buddies moved back to town....kandess...i'll try to bring him by this weekend if i can get ahold of him.

 for shilly illy dokie yo...i'm an idiot...    2005-08-08 07:24:20 ET
so she says she's leaving and moving to london, i'm thrilled, but i'm going to remain cautious....or at least that's what momma leslie says. she's 25, lives in b-ville, but moving to london. she'll be closer to me, and i'll love it...maybe we can finally be together. she told me to listen to the new mariah carey song 'we belong together.' and that was pretty much how she feeled. so i listend and got a little misty, i missed her a lot this weekend. and just so you guys know, those of you who met nicole/tiffany this weekend. she was NOT my girlfriend and i do NOT want to hook up with her, she'll be lucky if she ever gets another glimpse of me voluntarily. i feel bad for brad though...she has his phone number. i don't think she has mine, but if she does i don't care, i want to be with this more thing...when i said she's leaving i mean she's leaving her attachment. yay for us!, but it'll be hard on her, but i'll be there to pick her up if she falls. by god.

 feel the city breakin' and everybody's shakin...but we're stayin' god.    2005-08-03 05:12:59 ET
so the past two days have been awesome, for no reason...i've got a new crush, but i shouldn't...because this girl is...different...she's older by about five years, and...she's...let's say 'attached.' and no brad it's not i've been talking to her a few weeks now, and she's just..amazing. she's funny, she's cute, she likes the same music i do (which is hard to come by because of my wide spectrum.) the other day she was singing 'toxic' by britney spears, yesterday she came in jamming out to 'ruff ryders anthem' by dmx. it was hilarious. she's..awesome and just all around adorable, but i shouldn't be messing with her...because of the attachment, i just can't help it. i'm so attracted to her, and it's not like i can really get away from her...and i know she feels the same..we've talkeda bout it....le sigh...i don't know whachoo guys think?

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