my weekend...again    2005-09-03 07:24:22 ET
good morning! so i just finished mowing, and i'm getting ready to start my loverly weekend with muh amy. hopefully she'll call when i'm in the shower, and i can go pick her up. gas is 3 bucks a gallon so i'm sure my 40 bucks is already gone even though i'm on a half a tank. but i don't care as long as i get to be with amy i couldn't care less about what i have to do...i really hope kandess and josh come down to brad's tonight. that would be fun. they haven't met amy yet, but hopefully they will soon. i want them to meet her magnificence and just have fun with us. i'm sure we'll be playing halo and such, it'd be good if brad could get things worked out with his woman though i doubt that stuff will happen, i wish he'd just move on and find someone else. someone that would actually care for him and not treat him like crap. call when they say they will call, and not have any objections. but anyway, i don't know the FULL story there so i'll shut my mouth, today, tomorrow and monday...will be good days...yes. AND in case i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

 shut up.    2005-08-31 19:50:06 ET
shut up just shut up shut up, shut up just shut up shut up. name that tune.

 *gasp*    2005-08-24 14:24:45 ET
breathe james breathe....

 busy busy busy.    2005-08-23 14:15:27 ET
i've been so busy i forgot about sk, not to post comments but to update, so....yeah update, i'm on break with 10 seconds to go, bye guys.

 teh weekend trois    2005-08-14 16:58:56 ET
i was with amy...i miss her. power went out and a tree fell across brads road. other than that...nothing really happened, i almost ALMOST beat two halo gods that live between me and teh shroom (brad) and...made me feel good. peace out muh homies.

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