Such Dorks....2004-08-17 21:20:08 ET

So I've been absolutely addicted to SimCity 4 since we got it last weekend. I get so involved in building my city that time just flies away and I end up sitting there for literally hours. Joe and I are competing to see who can build the biggest and best city. Right now, I have 33,000 people living in Jennyville, but Sweetsville has less pollution and better quality of life. I think I'm going to create a new city and try to play the game like you're actually supposed to...without any cheats. See how that works out.

Living In A Metrosexual World2004-08-13 03:08:38 ET

The one thing I've noticed here in Germany is how gay all the guys look. The mextrosexual trend is extremely popular here. Every guy seems to have the perfectly styled Robbie Williams hair (a fauxhawk I guess you'd call it), neat clothes and shoes that match belts. The guys also seem to wear an awful lot of flip-flops. Not sandals, mind you, rubber flip-flops in horrendous colors: yellow, pink and baby blue. A trend that hopefully doesn't migrate to the States (and hopefully will die out extremely quickly): men's capris. Yes, peddal pushers, clam diggers. On men. Not attractive. It's sad when the guys look more well-kept than their girlfriends....

Waiting for my Joe to come home. Trevor and Andy are also coming for one last party weekend before going back to play in the sand. Apparantly they don't play beer pong in California as Trevor was absolutely estatic about learning a new drinking game (I was just as shocked as all you other East Coasters). We're definitely teaching Andy the official rules tonight. My dog is freaking out trying to hunt a lone fly that has meandered into our apartment. It's the most hilarious thing considering my dog is deaf and can't hear where the fly goes after it buzzes away. It's a wonderfully stormy day today. We're getting the remanents of that hurricane that veered from Florida. I awoke to the most amazing sight of huge dark and torrid clouds rumbling in over the horizon. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of that...amazing. Maybe some thrilling lightning displays tonight?

Lazy Days2004-08-08 10:26:21 ET

So my friend Z is coming to visit during Oktoberfest, which is pretty cool. It's going to be awsome to have someone from home here. We did absolutely nothing tonight. We're just sitting around drinkng Michelob, which if you close your eyes and try hard enough, reminds me of my favorite beer, Yuengling, my favorite Hazletonian bar, Bottlenecks, and therefore, my best friend, whom I miss dearly. Hey P, it's almost like Hawaiian lei and sarcophagus in just as many steps! From what I've been hearing, the summer in Germany is pretty mild compared to the last few, which have peaked over 100 degree temps. Well, I think I'm going to try and convince Joe to play and good old-school game like clue while sitting on the balcony drinking the night away. Cheers (or as they say here in Southern Germany, Probst!)

Help2004-08-07 09:26:13 ET

Maybe somebody who randomly comes across this will have an answer. My husband was watching some skate show on TV and a punk cover of Q. Lazzarus's "Goodbye Horses" (the song that the creepy guy in Silence of the Lambs dances around to) started playing. Does anybody know who does the punk version?
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Sweating....2004-08-05 03:48:42 ET

Since Joe's gone this week (again!!!), I've really been doing nothing. It's so damn hot out that you don't want to do anything. It's supposed to be between 86-88 for the next week. I'm just laying lethargically on the couch to stay cool. I have to go and do laundry, but I'm procrastinating going into that heat and hell of the laundry room. It's seriously just too damn hot to do anything. The reality of living on a military base has finally hit. I was listening to the extremely loud kids playing yesterday and they started arguing over who got to be the ID checker and the car inspector. It was pretty funny. Did any of you ever see Bubba Ho-Tep? It's a pretty damn funny movie; was thinking about renting it again. The basis of the story is a Elvis impersonator (who claims he's the real King) and a black man who thinks he's JFK living in a retirement home haunted by a zombie. The ending of the movie was kind of a disappointment, but there are some pretty damn good lines throughout the whole thing. Well, I'm off to pour myself a glass of water and return to my listlessness.

"You nasty thing from beyond the dead, no matter what you think or do, good things will never come to you. And if evil is your black design, you can bet that the goodness of the Light Ones...[begins to slow the recitation from disbelief]...will kick your bad behind? [muttering to himself] For chrissake! [to the heavens] That's it? That's the chant against evil from the "Book of Souls"? Oh yeah, right, boss. And what kind of decoder ring comes what that, man? Shit, it don't even rhyme well!"
~Elvis (Bruce Campbell), Bubba Ho-Tep

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