Gipped2004-08-31 00:01:39 ET

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....

Only a small pine tree.

2004-08-29 22:10:09 ET

I'm really digging in the garbage trying to find something that matters.
~Joan of Arcadia

2004-08-28 23:57:51 ET

I saw the biggest mosquito ever last night. It looked like a huge spider on my wall and had to be about 3 inches long. We put an end to his existence.

Very excited to learn that The Cure has a new album (news takes a while to get to us over here). I watched their video for "The End of the World" and am extremely glad that Robert Smith hasn't changed his famous 80's look at all. He still has the big hair, black-lined eyes and lipstick. Classic. Can't wait to get my hands on the new CD. Ciao!

Procrastination2004-08-23 02:53:17 ET

I've decided that I need a job...however, there aren't too many opportunities for an American editor in the German market. Basically my options are Child and Youth Services (I don't like other people's brats) here on base or some really crummy job as a cashier (got over that at age 17 and don't want to go back). So, I'm up the proverbial creek. Can apply for a managerial position at the movie theater, but I don't know squat about movie anything except for the process of buying popcorn and finding a good seat.

Heard on CNN the other day that Bush either is proposing or passed a law that will eventually close down all the overseas bases and bring 60,000 troops back to the states by 2006 (with the exception of all the troops in Iraq). We're supposed to be here until 2007, so maybe the Germany trip will be cut short; who knows. Got news that a close friend of my brother-in-law was killed in Iraq, while a guy that I worked with back home was hit by shrapnel and lost part of his finger as well as some minor injuries. Who else feels that Bush should be working on bringing our tired and over-extended troops back home from Iraq by 2006 rather than closing bases? I've never been really interested in politics but this election is making me think a lot about the process. I've never had an opinion before about who won and the rest of the blah blah. This year I've got one word: Kerry.

I've got to give my stinky dog a bath.

Time Doesn't Heal2004-08-19 12:19:06 ET

Even though I have a new dog, who is absolutely amazing, it's incredible how much I miss the Bean and Squirt-in-steiner. I often wonder if I magically appear in front of them tomorrow, will they still remember me much less love me the same as when I had to give them up or if they are so perfectly contented with their new lives/owners to even care? I know it sounds silly, but I don't want either of them to think that I didn't love them anymore or that they were "unwanted" but that it was the best for both of them. It really is funny how it's the simple things you miss the most. I never thought I'd miss coming home to a big fur-ball who wouldn't leave me alone until he had time to curl up and purr on my chest. I definitely didn't think I'd miss sharing my pillow or the drool on my head. And I hate the fact that just when she was starting to warm up and become lovey, I had to turn her away. Eventhough it's been over 3 months and I know she is happier and I don't know how he is, I still hate myself for not convincing Joe to bring them with us.....

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