2008-01-25 16:58:10 ET

Happy Winter-een-mas.

All the museums are closed?2008-01-21 09:12:33 ET

I have the day off and nothing to do so I figure I'll check out some art or something, but everywhere I want to go is closed.
Why does art get Mondays off?

There is a quiche in the oven so I think I'll take this time to make rambling post.2008-01-16 19:12:22 ET

Sir Edmund Hillary recently passed away, this inspired me climb to the highest point around here (luckily there is a road that goes up within about 100 meters for it).

On the next peak there is an observatorium.

There was even a bit ice up there.

I am proud to say I stayed true to last years resolution:
I had no Apocalypses this year!
This year's resolution has now been figured out(no need to be hasty about these things):
I will be a better atheist. You're gonna have a mighty difficult time getting me to believe in anything.

The other day I was standing in line to take a tour of SOFIA, when I noticed the person standing behind me was unnervingly close. Not invading my space, just slightly less a gap than normal. The weirdest part though, was how she stayed exactly that peculiar proximity while we were moving through the line. I was rather unsettled. Seeing a 747 completely gutted and chock full of telescope will always cheer me right back up.

I had a dream that my job got canceled. I wasn't fired or anything, I just didn't have anything to do.
Boring dreams seems appear to be the norm in my head.

Through a series of cognitive exercises2008-01-06 17:39:12 ET

I have come to a conclusion. If I could fly there would be no space on my apartment's floor to walk on. I would have easy access to many things.

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