2007-12-21 22:13:55 ET

Shit, I missed the solstice by two hours.

No matter how large they are2007-12-02 11:46:51 ET

lesson learned last night: 4 martinis do not constitute a dinner.
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I guess it loves me.2007-11-30 23:28:17 ET

Out of frustration I threw my pen across my apartment, and after bouncing off the celling two walls and a dresser it came to land less than a meter from my foot.
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I am still alive!2007-11-28 19:53:56 ET

I was removing my Linux partition which destroyed my boot sector as expected. I just had to run windows recovery and fix it.
It was tragic, I couldn't remember my admin password. which I though I had written in a file somewhere, but I could start windows to get it. So I booted of a live CD too look for it. But it wasn't there!
That is why this man is my hero for the week
Three coasters later I'm back in action.

You really should have seen my victory dance.

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