The list is semi-mythical2008-02-19 17:34:46 ET

Somewhere between three and six on The List of the Greatest Sandwiches lies the patty melt.

Earl help us if we ever figure out the top two.
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I'm already bored.2008-02-12 15:54:28 ET

The UPS man came by today, and with no one to sign for the delivery of my video card, was kind enough to drop it off at my complex's office, which is only open when I am work. so now instead of just driving over to the UPS office I have to wait for eternity, that is a long ways off.

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2008-02-07 19:07:31 ET

Refrigerators could work better if they were built like Thermoses. And they'd have the added bonus of looking like Air stream trailers.
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A hypothetical question2008-02-06 16:48:53 ET

If you were to somehow end up with a shit load of golf balls, what would you do with them all?

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