my day2006-02-19 15:55:49 ET

I was thinking of going to Monterey
then remembered I needed to see a play
so I went to a matinee
and then decided to stay
at a little cafe
where I drank my capuchino
and had the heart on top stay

my shelf2006-02-17 13:02:02 ET

I was cleaning my room and noticed this portion of my book shelf and thought to my self "There is nothing here that is not nerdy in some way."

for explanations of things look at comments.

Science!2006-02-16 13:02:21 ET

Ferrofluid is some of the most bizarre and fun stuff.

Don't you love it when it seems they made a product just for you?2006-02-15 20:38:11 ET

Today at Safeway they had extra large English muffins. Why in world would one want an over sized British breakfast bread product(say that ten times fast) you may ask? Well I've aways loves to use them as hamburger buns nut they were too small. I just ate a burger that caused me have to to recompose my self after consuming it.

P.S. I skinnedmy knuckle velcrowing my shoe this morning. Yay! CheeseCloth-Boy!

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