soap soap soap and lucy lucy lucy makes for a very clean clean girl    2002-09-02 19:22:35 ET
i am doing laundry and redying my hair....

school in the in the afternoon...more school at night...

hits this weekend.
kinda excited and kinda not.

after i am done with my laundry i will go to bed for i am sleepy.

 food    2002-09-02 10:34:52 ET
damn i am hungry...i want falafel or samosas...
one of the two....

 streets of tomorrow    2002-09-01 14:28:11 ET
went to work today...i like my new job...working in a record store is fun.

saw the riffs last night and they kicked ass. i get to see them 3 more times in the next 2 weeks too. i am such a lucky girl.

i am tired...and i have nothing really important to say.

 show    2002-08-31 10:27:02 ET
gnatty and i are going to see the riffs today :)

i guess i should start to do my hair...i need to take a shower first....

the riffs rock...i have never seen them play before, but i am excited to....

i added a bunch of pix to my webshots....

more later.

 oh look another one........    2002-08-30 15:03:29 ET
168316564 (6:50 PM) :
Kate78 (6:51 PM) :
sasa (6:51 PM) :
Kate78 (6:52 PM) :
thankyou :)
sasa (6:52 PM) :
what r u doing in life
Kate78 (6:54 PM) :
sasa (6:54 PM) :
do u have a pic
Kate78 (6:55 PM) :
what kind of picture and who are you...details please....didn't you look at my site...there are pix there?
sasa (6:56 PM) :
i want a niked one

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