2002-09-27 22:33:35 ET
still thinking about you...but someone else too...both are obviously impossible...one not interested...the other on the other side of the world. i want someone to kiss and hug, but i am far too picky. nobody here will do. nobody here can measure up to what i can never have. still nobody to kiss.....you still taste sweet....and you are still too far away for me to even know what that is like.

 boo    2002-09-26 01:28:46 ET
having nightmares again.....can't sleep on the one day i would get to sleep in on.

i guess i went to bed again feeling rejected and inadequate because of the situation....

i should find someone to kiss to get the taste of you out of my mouth....might make the rejection seem less important.

     2002-09-25 15:54:48 ET
damn i wish you liked me...........

oh well...you win some, and you loose some.

 when will they learn?    2002-09-22 18:44:11 ET
okay. i can take a hint...and the hint is that you are not interested. that is fine. i guess i was wrong. i should have listened to all my friends. i obviously was wasting my time...but what is the deal...???? i suppose i am just not good enough for you...that is just fucked up i think. fucked and wrong.

 je deteste amour.    2002-09-22 11:49:36 ET
the boy does not give a damn it is obvious.

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