voodoo    2002-10-19 21:06:50 ET
my new tattoo:


 you are getting on my nerves    2002-10-19 12:47:40 ET
go away and leave me alone.
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     2002-10-17 19:50:36 ET
i am gonna sit at home tonight and listen to rose tattoo and drink hot coca and be lonely. all of it is fucking wonderful but the lonely part.

     2002-10-15 12:21:04 ET
why am i never good enough? why do i always fall short? i am starting to hate this very existence.

 my star is fading....    2002-10-14 11:16:45 ET
somethings never change i suppose. time is not on my side and i feel about dead right now. when it is cold out, the air smells so pure and i want to breathe it in to heal my wounds and erase my scars. i want to stand in the middle of everything and be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, but i won't get that chance. you won't let me and i won't let myself. so here i am fading away. i am not even a memory.

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