2002-12-27 18:24:50 ET
my parents computer is so slow. i hate it. i miss mine...going back home tomorrow...14 hours in the car. ack.

     2002-12-21 07:39:55 ET
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so fucking frustrated.
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     2002-12-18 18:25:37 ET
been playing my guitar annoying the neighbors...band practice friday...i have 2 new songs....i hope the boys like them.

school is done for this semester. THANK FUCKING GOD.

would it make me a psycho to drive to st.louis on the 29th of jan.?...hahaha nevermind. i already know the answer is yes...but i don't take rejection lightly...at least i could look...i am sure i will never be lucky enough to touch again. sigh. god damn crush.

talked to ryan on the phone...our conversation ended like so:

ryan: i can't wait to punch you in the stomach.
me: and i can't wait to kick you in the balls.

hahaha. yes....he said he will punch me when he sees me in a few weeks since he has not seen me since september. violence in friendships....i just feel the love.

does this qualify as a happy entry???????

     2002-12-11 11:32:43 ET
got a new crush...it probably won't work out. but i still love your star eyes and fancy kisses...work, school, work, school...still poor. some things never change i suppose.

     2002-11-21 07:46:34 ET
i want to pierce my lip yo. in the center to keep myself symmetrical.

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