2003-03-29 21:36:08 ET
my stomach is killing me again...grrrrr.

i got a B on my russian art history midterm. i need to order more silver to make shit with. i hate school. i can't wait till summer vacation...i need a break.

i need to figure out what the hell to do with my life. grrr.

i think i might trim my hawk before bed...i need a fresh shave and i think i will take off like 2 inches....make it look healthier and not so ratty and thin.

     2003-03-12 04:11:46 ET
i have a midterm in my history of russian art and architecture class today...i don't want to take it...i am not ready. i am gonna shower then go to the library and cram until 1 pm...then my graduate seminar class is meeting at some gallery in downtown KC...then kyle and i are gonna hang out...and i am cutting tamras bihawks tonight...doing hair is fun. nexpix:


     2003-03-04 15:36:58 ET
i am at school.....i am so bored, so i am taking a break from my work...our band finished the recording...i am getting my wrist tattoos finished on sunday...going to houston in 2 weeks...the weather is kinda shitty right now...snow/sleet/freezing rain...i usualy love the snow, but this is making the roads extra shitty and i have almost dies twice today...i wonder if they will call off school tomorrow...probably not...KU never closes. i want some new skirts, but i already have so many clothes...i would rather have more ink anyways...i need to take pix of my latest jewelry to show...soon i hope. okay...back to work i go.

     2003-02-21 10:06:54 ET
am i wrong for being really annoyed with my boyfriend ex? like really really annoyed...she is gross...uneucated...and homely. i hope my disgut does not fuck it all up...but i have no tolerence for this kind of shit.

 new tattoos    2003-01-25 16:33:57 ET


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