2003-01-24 10:22:33 ET
woot...i got new ink yesterday...stars...blue and black. i will post some pix when i get around to it. later tonight perhaps. started school on wed...grrrr...spent $96 dollars on books for my russian art history class...i need to buy some silver and plexi glass and glass rods to make crap with. i am still really unmotivated when it comes to may school work/ jewelry design stuff. i hope i feel motivated soon. i am going to visit h-town in feb...my mom is throwing my grandma a b-day party...so i though i should make an appearance...it is always nice to see my mom...and i will get to see my nephew as well...and he just fucking rocks yo.

     2003-01-20 19:50:40 ET
life sucks...and then you die.

     2003-01-16 10:49:49 ET
yay.....i <3 snow.....6 inches....woo hoo.
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     2003-01-13 20:49:59 ET
argggggggggg...get out of my damn head already.....


crazy cute...or crazy psycho???

why are you dancing when you could be alone? chocking on cigarettes to get you along. play girl, why are you sleeping in tomorrows world? northern lights catch you coming down. sleep your way out of your home town. a question mark on a calendar...an empty seat on the alpha ride....

i know it will all be a waste of my time. fuck my heart. i hate it. everything is such a waste.

     2003-01-04 13:37:18 ET
new years has a horrible horrible nightmare....

never again...no more kissing guys because 20 min later they will be making out with someone horribly awful that wrecks your self esteem...i hate them for the most part. the only execption in brandon. i miss him a lot. nobody compares to him.

damn the fat goth girl in the thrift store prom dress.


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