2002-11-20 15:53:11 ET
i think i need to get a game cube or ps2 to amuse myself so i don't spend so much time on the inetenet...too much drama. the guy i have a crush on does not like me. yes i need something to amuse myself and take my mine off shit.

     2002-11-15 12:55:34 ET
sometimes i feel like everyone hates me.

     2002-11-14 07:57:46 ET
saw the casualties last night...it was okay...traded bracelets with rick...then we gave shelley a call...i suppose the show was fun.

saw lots of cute and ugly couples there last night...they all made me feel lonely...very lonely. got hit on by yet another skin...i am like a damn magnet for them...i don't know why and i don't like it...don't want a skinhead boyfriend...but that is all i attract for some reason. plus there are no punk guys here....well some but i am so picky and they are all in highschool. i like them young, but not that young. being lonely sucks. i can't figure out why people don't like me...maybe because i am a social handicap in regard to anyone i find interesting....ahh fuck it. maybe i am just too ugly or chubby. i hate being single...i am not used to it...i don't need a boyfriend anyway....single and lonely is good...i will deal with it...single and lonely and miserable and an unhappy me keeps other people happy so that is what i should do...fuck making myself happy...i just wish i didn't have to see all the other people in love and happy...it really depresses me. i am going to trim my hair now.

     2002-11-06 16:14:41 ET
i feel like shit inside as usual. i have so much school work to do. i need to clean up and do laundry because my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow. it will be good to see them. i feel rejected as usual. i give the fuck up.

 bah    2002-10-29 17:29:50 ET
i am lonely and i hate everyone. it is a bad combo. i think it is my destiny to be alone.

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