also.......    2007-11-26 15:48:59 ET
You can see newer pics at

 wow its been forever....    2007-11-26 15:45:08 ET
Its been a few years since i updated haha.Anyways got lots of new ink since last update..still single ladies...haha and anyways i am bored so contact me at aim-tortured3 or
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     2005-07-12 17:52:56 ET
Went to Boston this past weekend and had a good time...i cant wait to go back.
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     2005-06-11 09:09:23 ET thats my friends obituary....
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     2005-06-10 16:04:35 ET
Found out today from a phone call at work that a good friend of mine who was battling brain cancer passed away today....REST IN PEACE SHAUN LUU.

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