2004-03-21 07:57:46 ET
well its about 1pm and i am bored outta my skull....anyone wanna hang out till about 6pm...

     2004-03-20 17:41:55 ET
well going on a date tomarrow...well kind of a date...its dinner and a movie....which is a date but we are just hanging out...basically its a date.

     2004-03-19 07:13:19 ET
ok now i am NOT going to canada today because my friend just called and he is sick so we arent going....now i will just be bored all weekend blah........

     2004-03-19 05:20:16 ET
Well today i am off to canada for the night...me and my friend mike decided last night that we wanted to go to canada today...so saturday i am skipping work and we are leaveing about 2pm today...we are headed to niagra falls...which is about 3 hours from me...i live in Syracuse,NY...well i will talk to everyone when i get back and thank you all for the warm welcome to the site.

     2004-03-18 14:30:25 ET
Well i got a page thanks to the best girl ever...thrax(aka mary)....well i will update it more later i gotta resize pics and stuff and i am about to go out so talk to you all later.

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