2004-03-29 14:19:01 ET
i just found out my ex...who is now a stripper last bf was only 17 and she is 26 gonna be 27 next month...i told her she was a pedaphile and she got pissed at me...but that like 10 years age difference...i just dont think thats right...am i the only one who thinks that he should of been at least 18?

     2004-03-27 21:22:50 ET
went to my sisters new house and helped her set up her game room...played some air hockey and then went out bowling with her and my friend mike...fun times.

     2004-03-26 05:47:43 ET
today i have the day off of work....what to do?what to do?....i may go to the mall and buy the first season of the chapelle show...i dunno...i dont even know why i woke up at like 10:30am...i wanted to sleep till like noon.Well anyways i think i am gonna shower soon.

     2004-03-23 20:36:23 ET
well its about 1:30am and i am gonna make it an early night tonight and go to bed i think....pretty uneventful day....got out of working 10am-8pm today...worked 10am-5:30pm my normal hours....but anyways just felt like updating...and when i get less lazy there will be new pics up...i just got resize them in photoshop.
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     2004-03-22 16:57:24 ET
well my date was postponed till today...just got back from it...i thought it went ok...she seems not very interested though...which i guess i should be used to girls not being interested in me though...and shes really cute...wish she was interested...i asked if she wanted me to call her later and she said..."umm yeah call me tomarrow or the next day or something..."seems like lack of interest to me...but enough of my ranting...

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