2004-08-09 15:05:04 ET
tomarrow=new ink...starting my carnival of zombies half sleeve \m/ yay for new ink i will post pics once i take some.

     2004-08-08 20:24:24 ET
Listen to Guitar Wolf.............thats all for now

     2004-08-08 13:58:14 ET
only one person wants free piercings????...........

     2004-08-08 09:36:21 ET
two more days till i get my new ink:)...and then in a few days i am going to new hampshire for the weekend.anyone want a piercing?i got lots of jewelry and piercing needles;)
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     2004-08-06 20:36:12 ET
bought this dvd today called "wild zero" for those of you who know this movie you rock for those of you who dont...its about a japanese rock band called Guitar Wolf(its a real band) and they fight zombies...its a great movie its all in japanese and has english subtitles but its great.

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