2004-08-06 05:27:51 ET
i am getting new ink..next week on tuesday \m/...a carnival of zombies i will post pics when i get it...and thanks to everyone who has been leaving me comments...keep it up;)

     2004-08-05 13:17:21 ET
i should post that noone visits my page more often haha...the is the most people who ever posted on my page

     2004-08-04 21:19:50 ET
noone on here ever comes to my page............come to my page damn you all.

     2004-07-25 09:46:35 ET
well back from nyc...had a great time...i wish i had enough money to move to nyc.

     2004-07-08 21:02:23 ET
next week is nyc...should be fun times...gonna be in queens for most of it...anyone live in nyc wanna hang out??

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