2004-08-30 23:01:46 ET
i got a gmail account and it is way better then any other email if you can get it i suggest you do...right now its by invite only.its beta testing...its a google email though and you get a gig of space free.

     2004-08-27 15:05:48 ET
now i know why i dont put pics on here much...cause i have to resize them all the time....grrr

     2004-08-23 13:41:47 ET
i met the most amazing girl ever i want her to be all mine....i am going to try really hard...right now shes not ready for a relationship...she just got out of a 3 year one like a month or two ago but she came and stayed two nights...i got lots of cuddles in :)

     2004-08-18 20:25:09 ET
got my new ink too lazy to post pics right now
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     2004-08-09 20:36:59 ET
well off to bed...gotta get my new ink tomarrow....yay i can't wait...i love getting tattooed.

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