2004-09-19 13:29:13 ET
went bowling last night with some co-workers...drank some white russians while bowling ala The Big Lebowski...it was fun times.

 dude i'm gettin a dell    2004-09-16 17:07:21 ET
ordered a new computer yesterday should have it next week....yay for new stuff

     2004-09-11 15:30:19 ET
bored and home on a saturday night....
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     2004-09-09 15:32:41 ET
ok its really bugging me not know who sent me this email...."Hey, I read yer post on subkult and decided that I would email you. You're
fucking beautiful as hell. And you seem pretty interesting.

does anyone know who this is????


     2004-09-08 05:46:06 ET
ok three people emailed me the other day from here and i know who two are...but i have no clue who the other person is because they didnt tell me thier screen name on here....who are you?

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